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Dear Penny,


Some information attached that may be of interest to some SEFAN members.


Thank you.

All best,


Rachel Elliott

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From: Gibb, Duncan [mailto:Duncan_dot_Gibb_at_southbankcentre_dot_co_dot_uk]
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Subject: Shifting Sands event at Southbank Centre


Dear Rachel Elliott


I am emailing to tell you about an upcoming event at Southbank Centre that we think would interest you. As part of Richard Thompson's Meltdown 2010 festival, we are hosting the Shifting Sands project in partnership with the British Council, involving a mixture of UK and Middle Eastern traditional musicians.


Following a free performance on Friday 11th June, the Shifting Sands Insight Day takes place on Saturday 12 June, aimed at advanced musicians (aged 16 and over) who have an interest in the traditional music of the UK or the Middle East. There will be a discussion session, followed by a workshop session where groups will compose their own performance piece, and the last event of the day is the chance for the groups to perform the music created on The Clore Ballroom.


I have attached a more detailed description of the event for your information, and would greatly appreciate if you could print out copies of this to post on notice boards, circulate digitally, or pass on to musicians who you think would be interested in attending.  We would love to get as many good musicians involved as possible! 


Many thanks,


Duncan Gibb


Southbank Centre Assistant

Learning and Participation Department

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