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In the words of Elton John, "John Jorgenson's guitar work is "brilliant, f***ing brilliant!"


A fantastic opportunity to see the living legend John Jorgenson, up close and personal with mega musicians! Jason Anick, violin, Doug Martin rhythm, guitar, Simon Planting on bass, (formerly of the Robin Nolan Trio), and Rick Reed on percussion.  John is known as one of the pioneers of the American Gypsy Swing movement, audiences are amazed by John's dazzling guitar work, mastery of the clarinet, great vocals and witty retorts making him an all round stunning entertainer.

MON 26 April 2010 £20

An exciting total entertainer with polish and style, whether playing his own accessible compositions or classic standards. The bands music is equally romantic and ecstatic, played with virtuosity, soul and passion.  Le QuecumBar patron, member of the Desert Rose Band, the Hellecasters, and six-year member of Elton John's band.  Artists ranging from Barbra Streisand, Bonnie Raitt to Earl Scruggs have sought him out for his legendary guitar virtuosity.  John was chosen to portray Django Reinhardt on the silver screen in ‘Head in the Clouds’ starring  Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron, set in the 1930’s.  He has performed with some of the most respected European proponents of this style, Bireli Lagrene, Lollo Meier and Romane.  His playing has been included on a CD with Babik Reinhardt and Jimmy Rosenberg, and on another featuring Angelo Debarre and Moreno

Doors open at 6.00 pm food until 8.00pm.  Your table is allocated on arrival, diners get preferential tables.  Tickets selling fast at or our online shop



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Proud to have the support and approval of our world class musician patrons:
Angelo DeBarre; guitar, French Gypsy.
John Jorgenson; guitar, clarinet USA
Dave Kelbie; rhythm guitar; UK
John Etheridge; guitar, UK
Lollo Meier; guitar, Dutch Gypsy
Robin Nolan; guitar, Holland
Hank Marvin; guitar, UK
Andreas Oberg; guitar, Sweden
Stephane Wrembel; guitar, France
Ritary Gaguenetti; guitar, French Gypsy
Biel Ballester Trio; guitar, Spain
Gary Potter; guitar, UK
Moreno; guitar, French Gypsy

Kevin Nolan; rhythm guitar, UK

Aurore (Voilqué ) Quartet; violin, vocals, France

Nomy Rosenberg; guitar, Dutch Gypsy

Tommy Emmanuel; guitar, Australia

Stochelo Rosenberg; guitar, Dutch Gypsy

Tcha Limberger; violin, guitar, vocals, Belgian Gypsy

Kussi Weiss; guitar, German Gypsy


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