From: [chris_at_efolkmusic_dot_org]
Sent: 03 June 2010 18:42
Subject: Help a Starving Artist

June 3, 2010the efM good luck banjo
Carrboro, NC

Dear artists:

Isn't it incredible how often musicians are asked to play for free? Try asking your doctor or electrician, etc. for a freebie, see how far you get. If that fails, tell them you'll pass the hat, that they can have it all - if you are lucky they won't laugh at you, but I'm betting you won't get much service.

efolkMusic offers our services for free and depends on the generosity of our users, artists and fans. That worked pretty well for most of the last ten years, but hard times have fallen on nonprofits, especially arts-based organizations like ours. It's understandable, first save the starving children, the starving artists are down the list a ways.

SO if you are a 'starving artist', stop reading right now. But if you are a musician with a day gig (or other means) and can afford to help out this nonprofit, I can't think of a better time to do it. Trust me, I like asking for donations even less than playing for free; the cause has to be just. 

Artists benefit from exposure on efolkMusic through the website, our newsletters, "efm radio", RSS feeds, artist services, and the additional resources that bring visitors to the website, like our folk festival and folk radio listings. We help carry a corner of your promotional load, all we ask is that those who can help support our efforts do so- how about right now?

Our mission is to support folk music in the broadest sense, raising awareness and getting the word out about our exceptional independent artists. We've always been a 'curated' website, counting on the quality of our artists to sustain us; we want to continue to promote the good music, but we need your help. Now, more than ever, as they say.

As "Volunteer of the Month" for 120 months running, I have to occasionally ask myself the hard questions: Is efolkMusic worth the effort? Are we really making a difference? Do the 900 musicians on our roster care if we live or die? I'm looking for a sign, my friends, from my brothers and sisters of art. Whatdya' say?


Chris Frank
efolkMusic founder, etc.

Please click here to make a donation of any amount, or here to become a supporting member. Oh, I almost forgot, thanks again for the music-  it is our greatest asset.