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Ariel Publicity Band Letter
Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter

May 19, 2010


Newsletter #145

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Where’s Ariel?
  2. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED CLIENT - Digital Press Conference Featured Artists
  3. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED RESOURCES: Digital Press Conference Attendees

Where's Ariel?

SPOT Festival
May 20 – 22 – Aarhus, Denmark

Ariel will be a keynote speaker at the SPOT Festival. The SPOT Festival sees over 90 indigenous bands showcase their scandinavian talents for two days in the picturesque town of Aarhus, in front of a smart and switched on crowd of Danish music fans.

Music Success in Nine Weeks with Ariel Hyatt London Seminar
PRS House- London, UK
May 27th – 6pm

Communications and event management company Evil Genius Media + Events have announced that they will present a seminar in London with leading social media and on line marketing expert Ariel Hyatt of NYC based Ariel Publicity. (

The three hour event scheduled for 6 pm, Thursday May 27 at PRS House in Berners St London, is aimed to give artists, artist managers and indie labels practical information to assist them in formulating a plan to deal with all the social media platforms they have to manage as part of a modern 2.0 music career or business.

Tickets: £30 + VAT are available at


Digital Press Conference Featured Artists

Cyber PR would like to send out a BIG thank you for all those who attended our 5th Digital Press Conference.

The event was a smashing success and you made that possible!

We've uploaded some great photos from yesterday's event to our Facebook Page please go check them out!

Thank you to all of our clients that participated.

Lauren O’Brien – Astoria, NY
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Spoken Word

The words come through your speakers. Tense words. Sharp words. Hypnotic words. Words couched in grinding guitars and thudding drums, words thick with emotional desperation that also reveal the strangely paradoxical beauty in suffering; the diamonds in the cave, waiting to be mined. The words are those of Lauren O’Brien, one of the most exciting young poet-performers on the scene today.

Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga – Brooklyn, NY

Genre: Irish, Roots, World, Electronica, Folk, Celtic

Cady Finlayson is a spirited Irish fiddler, with a global twist. And while she’s best known for her Irish music expertise, Finlayson’s latest release, Electric Green, her collaboration with French guitarist Vita Tanga, is sure to expand her audience well beyond traditional Celtic boundaries.

Miles – Brooklyn, NY

Genre: Pop, Soul, Folk, Indie Rock

Miles’ music is all about forward motion, a factor amply illustrated by the blurred car lights pictured on the band’s first full-length, As Fast as You Can. And much like those vehicles on that light-streaked highway, Miles is on a quest to illuminate dark paths, in search of the bright side of the road. The track “All Along expresses this luminous desire perfectly.

Derek and the Darling – New York, NY

Genre: Pop, Rock, Alternative, Electronica, AltRock

Born from scene work on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage, Derek and the Darling formed an electro-pop band in late 2009 instead of an improv troupe because it was “way less nerdy. “Rockface the debut EP, arrives April 27, 2010

Lily Sparks - New York, NY

Genre: Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

Forged in the crucible of the New York rock scene, Lily Sparks has emerged with a unique voice. Flanked by glitter guitars that alternate between crunch and wail, the singer’s got a set of pipes that can go from fragility to fury in a heartbeat. These girls play hard-rocking, toe-tapping songs that’ll make you want to shout and sing along.

David Homyk

Genre: Pop, SingerSongwriter

Singer, writer, and producer all in one, David Homyk’s music can be described as a blend of Maroon 5 and James Blunt, often mixed with a Timbaland-style production. David is known to put on high energy live performances, juggling piano, guitar, and various instruments on stage. A producer by trade, David has made recordings for many well known artists including Beyoncé and her sister Solange.


THIS WEEK'S FEATURED RESOURCES: Digital Press Conference Attendees

Another BIG Thank You goes out to all of our social media makers who came and created some GREAT content for their sites.

Artists Exposed With Tym Moss

Tym Moss is Singer, songwriter, actor, internet radio prod/host. and his Podcast Artists Exposed goes in depth with artists. Tim also works in film and stage, internet. Independent artist helping other independent artists.

Hit Records Nightlife Video

A local  NYC video show that airs several times a week in New York City, Brooklyn, and The Bronx.   It airs NYC Tuesdays channel 56 at 2 PM. Brooklyn Saturday at 11PM and in the Bronx at Wednesday at 10 PM and in CT on Comcast on Friday and Saturday at 11 PM.

Friggin Fabulous Radio

Friggin Fabulous Radio features FABULOUS independent, original music and info, plus interviews with the artists, mostly from the New York City/New Jersey area. It also features concert listings, general insanity and lots of surprises.

Feature Interview with Miles at the Ariel Publicity Digital Press Conference

Radio Crystal Blue

Radio Crystal Blue is a weekly podcast rooted in Internet radio.  On the air since October 200, this program spotlights independent, indie and up-and-coming music acts from many genres and locales in a unique freeform format.

Lauren O'Brien - Digital Press Conference Performance



Dollar Van Demos Live!

From the Borough of Brooklyn comes Dollar Van Demos: a showcase of talented musicians, rappers and comedians performing inside a dollar van with real passengers. They make music videos by emerging artists inside a dollar van with real passengers.


Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga – Digital Press Conference Performance



**ReW & WhO?***

*ReW & WhO?**is an Internet  Show hosted by *Rew* & the *WhO* of the day... ALL creative types are welcome to strut their stuff for their 'Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame' interviesz...lots of *fun*..every LIVE  on Wednesdays at 4-6pm
Feature Interview with David Homyk at the Ariel Publicity Digital Press Conference




Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a digital public relations firm that connects clients to the new media including blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social networking sites. Over the past 15 years she has represented over 1,550 musicians and bands.

Educating musicians is her passion and several times a year, she leads workshops teaching her strategy of combining social networking with Internet marketing to help clients grow larger fanbases and earn more money.

The Second Edition of her book Music Success in Nine Weeks is now available and has helped over a thousand musicians navigate the new music marketing landscape. "Sound Advice," her bi-weekly newsletter and Online TV series currently reaches an audience of over 20,000 music professionals. She is a contributing blogger for Music Think Tank, where her series "In Defense of 1,000 True Fans" continues to pick up momentum and comments from artists across the globe.

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