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Ariel Publicity Band Letter
Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter

April 28, 2010


Newsletter #142

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Where’s Ariel?
  2. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED CLIENT - In the Cinema & Unknown The Universal Element
  3. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED VIDEO - "Hustler With A Rescue Plan" by Derek & The Darlings
  5. FEATURE INTERVIEW: Joey Smith and Peter Nash of TrekWest5 Podcast

Where's Ariel?

SPOT Festival
May 20 – 22 – Aarhus, Denmark

Ariel will be a keynote speaker at the SPOT Festival. The SPOT Festival sees over 90 indigenous bands showcase their scandinavian talents for two days in the picturesque town of Aarhus, in front of a smart and switched on crowd of Danish music fans.


In the Cinema – Minneapolis, MN
Pop, Alternative, Electronica, Acoustic

In The Cinema is a beat-driven folktronic duo, blending classic acoustic tones and ambient electronica. Imagine if Damien Rice sat in and jammed with Tortoise or STS9.


Unknown The Universal Element – New York, NY
Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop / Rap, Alternative

Unknown The Universal Element has been dedicated to music since his youth. Today, Unknown is looking to expand his music worldwide. He does not censor his music or alter his sound for anyone; it is all about integrity.

Not one-dimensional in the least, Universal is an artist that doesn't limit himself to boundaries or specific topics. He comes from the heart when he enters the vocal booth.


"Hustler With A Rescue Plan" by Derek & The Darlings
Pop, Rock, Alternative, Electronica, AltRock

Born from scene work on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage, Derek and the Darling formed an electro-pop band in late 2009 instead of an improv troupe because it was “way less nerdy. “Rockface the debut EP, arrives April 27, 2010


Featured Blog:
Gulf Coast Music Review

Gulf Coast Music review blog features objective, independent music reviews from a variety of genres. It was created to review music by new or established artists and allow visitors to rate sample tracks. This way the artists can have feedback on their latest efforts.


Featured Podcast:
XY Rocks!

XYRocks Digital Radio Show is all about promoting independent artists and helping put control back in the artists' hands. You will here music from artists signed to Fueled By Ramen, Saddle-Creek Records, Flame Shovel Records, S-Curve Records, Alley Kat Records, Sarathan Records and many more Indie Artists/Labels. Let's come together and change the way the Music Industry operates.

Featured Station:
FM 102x

FM 102x plays the best in alternative music from independent artists delivered Monday through Friday. They feature recordings and unreleased songs from independent musicians that you should be hearing alongside more well-known artists.

New Media Pioneer: Joey Smith and Peter Nash of TrekWest5 Podcast

TrekWest5 is a podcast that strives to bring thoughtful conversations to television, books, movies, music, and pretty much anything else they want to talk about.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

A) Peter says:
We love television, but the idea of just turning off your brain for mindless entertainment never felt right to us - it seemd to close to the Looter mentality.  We feel that you can have intelligent and entertaining discussion based on the subjects that television shows handle.  Our aim is to facilitate such conversation in ourselves and our listeners.

Joey says:
Television has been called "the opiate of the masses". While there are certainly those who will always view it that way, we struggle to tear people away from their "mental sofas" and show them that seeking entertainment need not be an abdication of their personal values.

Q) Why do you believe new media resources (i.e. blogs, podcasts, internet radio stations) have become so popular? How have they been beneficial to artists? How have they been detrimental?

A) Peter says:
Blogs/Podcasts/Facebook/Twitter give fans real time access into a world that they think they love.  All of a sudden they can know exactly what is going on with the artists they follow.  This increases the accessibility and makes the fan feel like the artists know them individually.  The problem with such an idea is that artists are people too, so when an artists wants their own space then all of a sudden it looks like the artists hates their fans.  But you are never going to get away from crazed obsessed fans. 

Joey says:
I would like to believe that we're zeroing in on a culture that is more aware of Chris Anderson's "Long tail economics" - that people are moving away from the blockbuster world and finding that it's not only *OK* to have your own tastes, but it's actually MORE ENJOYABLE. Obviously, this has had (and will continue to have) a dramatic impact on the lumbering behemoth of "Big Media" as it tries to avoid re-adjusting itself to fit into this new landscape.
Q) Media 2.0 has changed the way artists communicate with fans. Where do you envision online communication going next? Any thoughts on what Media “3.0 will look like?

A) Peter says:
If I did then I would already be marketing it. :)

Joey says:
I think the Imogen Heap project "The Song that Never Was" might be a good indicator of where the changes in the world's media platform are driving the interactions between artists and fans. As the explosions of Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia have shown us, the generations coming up now *expect* to be part of a participation culture.
Q) What does an artist have to do to get your attention? Are their specific characteristics that you look for?

A) Peter says:
Honesty and integrity stand out the most.  We can't stand rudeness, vulgarity, or unsubstantiated arrogance.  We seek after things that are praiseworthy, lovely, or of good report.  And we can never look down our nose at hard work and expertise in one's craft. 

Joey says:
Peter gives a pretty good answer here, but I'd like to add a little bit more regarding "specific characteristics" I seek in music and in the bands themselves. When it comes to music, acoustic or things that sound somewhat "instrumental" really stand out for me. I've generally preferred female lead vocals, but a soulful male voice can certainly grab my attention very quickly. I prefer lyrics that speak to the beauty and happiness of life over those that bemoan troubles and heartache, but I also enjoy a good ballad about *overcoming* adversity. Sure, life is hard, but I don't find value in music that wallows in "the evil that men do."

In the band, I mostly look for people that give an appearance of having a high personal standard of values - usually modestly dressed, well-groomed, and happy people will get my attention over people looking mournful, tatooed and scraggly.
Q) What do you ultimately hope to accomplish with your site?

A) Peter says:
To facilitate good conversation and thoughtful debate.  If more people get involved in their communities then only good things can come from it.  But if they just sit on their couches and lazily vegetate the day away then our society will stagnate.  We don't have all the answers, but if enough of us start talking the answers will come.

Joey says:
My primary goal is to shake people loose of the malaise that seems to grip them. The world is falling down all around us, and mostly because people can't be roused to an awareness of what is going on. By teaching people to engage their minds when seeking their entertainment, perhaps we can help them grow the habit of doing so in all other aspects of their lives.


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