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Subject: The Future of Radio

The June-July issue of
The Journal of Music
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Setting Radio Free
Will the digital medium change the essence of radio?

What about England?
The politics of folk music in Britain and Ireland

Cash from Chaos
Diaghilev, McClaren, Cowell: what makes an impresario tick?

That Was Me
Anthony Burgess: composer, novelist

A Long Drive from Limavady
An old harper's melody is embellished to make an air that becomes world famous, but who is responsible?

Sensuality Matters
There is a long line of theories claiming that we have reached the end of art, but they are forgetting something...

Looking for America
Natalie Curtis: a songcatcher's exploration of Native and African American music

Heaven and Earth
Ethiopia has preserved its music, despite everything

Deireadh Ré an Albaim
Decoding the LP

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