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Subject: Vintage Entertainment!

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This week, the Gulbenkian Theatre is delighted to present three classic productions that are sure to entertain you!


Friday 12 February 7.45pm

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Since the early days of the sixties, the Barron Knights have been admired for their musicianship and great vocal harmonies. Plus, having fourteen comedy hit records worldwide makes them truly unique. Their wit, humour, musicianship and entertaining skills have been acknowledged by many.

Tickets 16.50 Encore!Gulbenkian 15


Call the Booking Office on 01227 769 075 for tickets



Wednesday 17 February 7.45pm

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Saturday 20 February 7.45pm

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See the new gulbenkian website HERE


Plus!! see the 2nd "Chatback Comedy", at the Parrot Pub in Canterbury on Tuesday 16 February.

3/5 Tickets. Buy at the Parrot in advance or on the door,or email bookings_at_chatbackcomedy_dot_com

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