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Subject: Very last Nag!

Now I'm only sending this because you tell me to! It's not in my nature to nag, despite being a mother of teenagers! They don't enjoy it and nor do I. But seeing as (some of) you actually ask me to - who am I to refuse! And if it helps you not to miss out on a great night out, then it's my duty and pleasure.
So - here goes.... Don't forget can see the Fantastic .... in fact one of the UK's TOP LIVE ACTS RIGHT NOW ... MAWKIN:CAUSLEY - TOMORROW ....JUST ROUND THE CORNER.... IN WHITSTABLE. No need to drive to London, or Brighton or even Maidstone! ... they are on our doorstep, for our enjoyment (and theirs too I expect) So ring, email, manouevre that mouse! whatever! to get yourself one of the best seats in Whitstable for a night you won't forget. Honestly they are great. If you're thinking - wooo a bit too folky for me maybe, then DON'T. You'll love them. It's fun, its funky, they are brilliant musicians, and Jim's voice is just -well imagine melting a bar of bournville over a bowl of strawberries - then you're almost there! Is that enough nagging? too much? not quite enough? I can do no more... Come! or regret it for the rest of ....... the day/ month / year/ your life! (delete as appropriate)
Oh and by the way Beth NC has completely sold out now - we needed a bigger church! Thanks to everyone for supporting that and see you Tuesday - if not Sunday in Whitstable.
Sunday 14th Feb - Whitstable Playhouse
Mawkin:Causley £12
01227 272042



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