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Subject: After a sold out festival its Le QuecumBars 7th Birthday

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Le QuecumBars 7th BIRTHDAY PARTY Hot Club JAM £15


Wednesday 10th February

BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT AND JAM THE GYPSY WAY Come celebrate a special night of Gypsy Swing jamming, unplugged and off the wall, join the campfire atmosphere along with Le QuecumBars regular and finest musicians who support us all year round. The night’s celebration open jam is driven by two of our talented patrons and world class guitar superstars:

 GARY POTTER & RITARY GAGUENETTI Gary, well known world wide and UKs top Gypsy Swing, country and Jazz guitar player has personality plus, raconteur and world class guitarist, he swings, he’s hot, he’s here!  Self taught Ritary, a French Gypsy has played around the globe and is equally talented with Djangos traditional Gypsy Swing as straight ahead Jazz as showcased in his latest fast selling album “Gipsy Soul”. The nights music will be driven by the animated swinging hot double bass of Pete Kubryk Townsend              

Book early its rammed!

Doors open at 6.30 Limited tickets in advance or



 Many thanks and regards
Sylvia Rushbrooke~Proprietaire
Le QuecumBar & Brasserie
“London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue”
42-44 Battersea High St
London SW11 3HX
0207 787 2227
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Want to hear what our music is like? now you can
Unique live music venue specialising in promoting
Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Swing and those who perform it. -
A style born in 30's Paris drawing on nearly 2000 years of Gypsy culture.

Home of Le Q Records capturing live moments of musical magic

Proud to have the support and approval of our world class musician patrons:
Angelo DeBarre; guitar, French Gypsy.
John Jorgenson; guitar, clarinet USA
Dave Kelbie; rhythm guitar; UK
John Etheridge; guitar, UK
Lollo Meier; guitar, Dutch Gypsy
Robin Nolan; guitar, Holland
Hank Marvin; guitar, UK
Andreas Oberg; guitar, Sweden
Stephane Wrembel; guitar, France
Ritary Gaguenetti; guitar, French Gypsy
Biel Ballester Trio; guitar, Spain
Gary Potter; guitar, UK
Moreno; guitar, French Gypsy

Kevin Nolan; rhythm guitar, UK

Aurore (Voilqué ) Quartet; violin, vocals, France

Nomy Rosenberg; guitar, Dutch Gypsy

Tommy Emmanuel; guitar, Australia

Stochelo Rosenberg; guitar, Dutch Gypsy

Tcha Limberger; violin, guitar, vocals, Belgian Gypsy

Kussi Weiss; guitar, German Gypsy


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