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Subject: Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival - Post festival success - press release 4/2/10

Post festival success - press release 4/2/10

Le QuecumBar

International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival

Sunday 17th January – Monday 25th January inc 2010

London’s first! – A celebration in honour of the 100th Birthday of Django Reinhardt the legendary Gypsy and guitar genius – Sizzling guitar magic from Europe’s finest Gypsy and non Gypsy players amassing to pay homage to Django Reinhardt’s musical legacy: 33 musicians 9 concerts 11 workshops


It took 6 months of grueling preparation, production, hard work, energy and battling, to promote and support an underexposed genre of the UK, but it was all worth it.

The first ever International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival to take place in London and the largest in UK was an astounding unprecedented  success with the help of its nationwide supporters and sponsors and amassed 33 musicians from 8 countries.

SPONSORS/SUPPORTERS: Many thanks to all our contributors for their help in assisting their countrymen to attend the festival and to our supporters in recognising the cultural value of this unique event. Without their help this would not have taken place. Le QuecumBar and Le Q Records thanks them all.


National Lottery funded Arts Council England
European Commission Representation in the UK, supporting the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010

SeaFrance - the way to France

SeaFrance Dover - Calais Ferries, proud to support Le Q Records & Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival celebrating the 100th birthday of Django Reinhardt.  SeaFrance operates up to 15 daily return crossings on the Dover-Calais route. Please visit for more details.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 
Sponsoring Kussi Weiss Quintet from Germany
Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands
Belgian Tourist Office - Brussels * Wallonia

“The South of Belgium, Latin Europe in a Nutshell”
bureau export

Institut Francaise

Perrier sparkling water 
Olswang LLP
S J Berwin LLP Norman and Cliff loyal supporters and fans Goethe Institut London
Customer and supporter Ivor Young of Prism Leisure Ltd Licensing & Distribution

Brian Potts USA, Martin Christie and David Taylor loyal supporters and generous fans

Proving that the sensational and unique genre created by Django Reinhardt over 80 years ago is still "out there" and as fresh today as it ever was.


The whole festival was held and organized in the hidden backstreets of Battersea village in a small intimate 1930’s Parisian Brasserie - Le QuecumBar & Brasserie: London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue a unique live music venue specialising in promoting Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Swing and those who perform it. - A style born in 30's Paris drawing on nearly 2000 years of Gypsy culture. Home of Le Q Records capturing live moments of musical magic


The 9 night festival, featuring great Gypsy names such as David Reinhardt, Ritary Gaguenetti, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tcha Limberger and many others was sold out days before the start of the event leading its organizers Le QuecumBar and Le Q Records to turn people away despite the fact that the festival was extended with a bonus night for people who were unable to buy festival tickets.


The 11 well attended and unique Gypsy Swing/jazz guitar, Gypsy Swing Double Bass and Balkan Gypsy violin workshops in 5 London locations, presented a rare opportunity to learn from the Gypsy and non Gypsy world masters of their craft such as Allowing students with various abilities of the style, to learn from the source.  


Le QuecumBar Patrons, Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy,

Biel Ballester, from Spain, Lollo Meier, Dutch Gypsy plus

Olivier Kikteff of Les Doigts de L’homme, France,

Tcha Limberger, Belgian Gypsy, Paulus Schafer, Dutch Gypsy

Leo Hipaucha, from Argentina, and Kussi Weiss, German Gypsy


The exciting live recorded highlights of the festival will be released on a commemorative triple CD in June featuring the rare performances of some of the worlds best Gypsy Swing artists who have never before appeared on the same stage together.

It will feature 23 artists such as London based Fleur de Paris, The Biel Ballester Trio, Paulus Schafer, Feigeli Prisor and the Kussi Weiss Quintet, who, through their different ways of interpreting Gypsy Swing, take you on a journey you won't forget. From Transylvania to France, from Germany to South America, the musicians delivered incredible, thrilling performances where Django's music mixes with Rumba, Bossa Nova, Chansons, Musette and World music.

Each artist excels within his own interpretations of Django’s genre and brings you the magical touch inseparable from Django’s own Jazz Manouche. More swing than jazz the festival had people riveted to their seats with jaw dropping performances from the various line ups every night! Numerous nightly encores were the norm.

Saturday 23rd January, Django’s birthday amassed musical magic with Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti and Kussi Weiss on hot guitar solo and rhythm, young dynamic Hugo Richter on accordion and rockin UK bass ace Andy Crowdy.  

The last two nights of this Gypsy Swing Guitar heaven saw a quintet of formidable heavyweight all-star all Gypsy line-ups, culminating in a finale on the last night that featured three world master soloists Stochelo Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti and stunning Gypsy bass player Sani Van Mullem with the young virtuoso violinist Wattie Rosenberg they cast aside any amplification to play the authentic way, unplugged acoustic heaven and rose to the occasion with a performance that electrified the audience and visibly showed the musicians loved every minute. Their musical prowess, skill, technique and sensitivity represent a real cherry on the cake on this exciting forthcoming album that captures the audience’s enthusiastic response to live musical genius.


Latest Patrons

Following the festival, Le QuecumBar would also like to announce that they have 3 new Gypsy Patrons, in the form of:

Ÿ         Tcha Limberger, Belgian Gypsy, a blind, multilingual singer, violinist, clarinetist and guitarist who was driven to become a flamenco singer. Overtime, he swapped to Django's music and left Belgium for Budapest to study classical and Gypsy music under Horvat Bela. Tcha Limberger now lives in Transylvania where, on top of recording albums as a freelance artist, he has set up several orchestras and teaches students.

Ÿ         Kussi Weiss, German Gypsy, hails from a family of some of the most important and famous Sinti musicians in Northern Germany. Kussi Weiss released several albums in which he captivates you with his unique style, offering an elegant combination of Django Reinhardt's music with modern elements.

Ÿ         Stochelo Rosenberg, Dutch Gypsy, is a world-class Gypsy Swing guitarist and band leader of the legendary Rosenberg Trio with which he released numerous albums. Thanks to his effortless virtuosity and improvisational technique with pure melody, Stochelo Rosenberg is universally regarded as one of the most brilliant exponents of the genre.


Le Q Records

A natural progression. A small, intimate, independent record label, preserving moments of musical magic at Le QuecumBar & Brasserie for sharing around the world. Born in 2007 as the mouthpiece of Le QuecumBar and its musicians, it aims to echo the ambience, capturing the passion of the music created during live concert performances; instantly transporting you to the very soul of Le QuecumBar and all it represents, bringing together established and unknown artists of the genre for the enjoyment of all.


We are proud to have been able to produce thus far

Live - The Biel Ballester Trio (LEQ0101), Live - Le QuecumBar Allstars (LEQ0103) a selection of UK artists who play at Le QuecumBar all year round, a fine musical example of what to expect when you come to Le QuecumBar. Live - The Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet (LEQ0103), Live - The Gary Potter Quartet (LEQ0104) his best album ever. A unique compilation  - "Stars of Gypsy Swing" by Le QuecumBar Patrons (LEQ0105); a double album of 26 tracks donated by Le QuecumBar's 13 elite global Gypsy Swing guitar Patrons for the advancement of Django Reinhardt's Gypsy Swing around the globe and its musicians. Live – Patrick Saussois and Daniel John Martin (LEQ0106);    Live – The Aurore Quartet (LEQ0107)

All cd's available at the bar - Le QuecumBar and Brasserie 42-44 Battersea High Street SW11 3HX, our online shop at,,,, various independent online, high street stores, FNAC and complete digital download at


Le QuecumBar and Brasserie

Numerous celebrity, secret Django fans visit Le QuecumBar incognito to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere and close up intimate genius of players who grace its stage at The Prestige Performance Concerts, or just drop by to catch the infectious unplugged weekly jam sessions some even joining in with the fun.

This is live music at its best.

Le QuecumBar is regarded as the world premier venue of Gypsy Swing. Dedicated to promoting the music of Django Reinhardt and those who perform it, staging some of the world’s finest Gypsy Swing musicians who relish playing in an authentic original style intimate atmosphere. Here, as in 1930's Paris, Django's innovative, joyous hot club music is alive, with its wicked swing and hypnotic, pumping rhythms. Le QuecumBar plays host to the worlds best of this genre offering instrumental workshops and integrating home-grown talent with global players.

Le QuecumBar is indebted to the Gypsy culture which pervades this unique music, as style born in 1930's Paris, drawing on nearly 2000 years of Gypsy musical traditions.

The venue also promotes other global Gypsy music such as from Spain and the Balkans – there is always a musical surprise behind its secret doors.


Le QuecumBar’s 7th Birthday Party

Seven years after its birth in 2003 (the 50th anniversary of Django’s death) the coming 7th Birthday party of Le QuecumBar will be an exciting event for all:

Le QuecumBars 7th BIRTHDAY PARTY Hot Club Jam £15

Wednesday 10th February




Come celebrate a special night of Gypsy Swing jamming, unplugged and off the wall, join the campfire atmosphere along with Le QuecumBars regular and finest musicians who support us all year round. The night’s celebration open jam is driven by two of our talented patrons:


Gary, well known world great and UKs top Gypsy Swing, country and Jazz guitar player has personality plus, raconteur and world class guitarist, he swings, he’s hot, he’s here!  Self taught Ritary; a French Gypsy has played around the globe and is equally talented with Django’s traditional Gypsy Swing as straight ahead jazz as showcased in his latest fast selling album “Gipsy Soul”.

The night’s music will be driven by the animated swinging hot double bass ace - Pete Kubryk Townsend     

Book early it’s rammed! Doors open at 6.30 Limited tickets in advance or


Popular for private party/meeting hire day and night, photo shoots and historical location shoots.


Contact for further information: 


Le QuecumBar and Brasserie

42-44 Battersea High Street

London SW11 3HX

Owner: Sylvia Rushbrooke info_at_quecumbar_dot_co_dot_uk

+44 (0)20 7787 2227


Le Q Records

Director: Monika Kroll info_at_leqrecords_dot_com

+44 (0) 7963 985013


Director: Sylvia Rushbrooke info_at_quecumbar_dot_co_dot_uk

+44 (0)20 7787 2227



 Many thanks and regards
Sylvia Rushbrooke~Proprietaire
Le QuecumBar & Brasserie
“London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue”
42-44 Battersea High St
London SW11 3HX
0207 787 2227
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Want to hear what our music is like? now you can
Unique live music venue specialising in promoting
Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Swing and those who perform it. -
A style born in 30's Paris drawing on nearly 2000 years of Gypsy culture.

Home of Le Q Records capturing live moments of musical magic

Proud to have the support and approval of our world class musician patrons:
Angelo DeBarre guitar French Gypsy.
John Jorgenson guitar, clarinet USA
Dave Kelbie rhythm guitar UK
John Etheridge guitar UK
Lollo Meier guitar Dutch Gypsy
Robin Nolan guitar Holland
Hank Marvin guitar UK
Andreas Oberg guitar Sweden
Stephane Wrembel guitar France
Ritary Gaguenetti guitar French Gypsy
Biel Ballester Trio guitar Spain
Gary Potter  guitar UK
Moreno guitar French Gypsy

Kevin Nolan rhythm guitar UK

Aurore (Voilqué ) Quartet violin France

Nomy Rosenberg guitar, Dutch Gypsy

Tommy Emmanuel guitar, Australia


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