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An "invitation only" MySpace for Folk/Americana musicians and their music, since 1999!

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We know you don't have time to browse a gazillion "artists" on Myspace, ReverbNation, et al, hoping to run across a diamond in the rough. Their roster is "un-curated", in that they allow anyone to join - hence our quotation marks around the use of the term "artists". How do you find the good stuff? Well, efolkMusic is different- think about us as an "invitation only" MySpace for Folk/Americana musicians, an oasis in an over-stuffed sea of music.

We're certainly not the judge and jury when it comes to "art", but we do our best to separate the wheat from the chaff, and that's the efolkMusic difference. We listen to and approve every artist on our roster - as the guys used to say "we swirl and spit so you don't have to".

Browse our expanded "Listen & Download" section, with full-length previews of every song - you'll see what we mean.

Exceptional Artists, Outstanding Music, Free Downloads

Our supporting members and donors get free access to the entire Member MP3 library online- plus our 100-song MP3/CD Sampler, sent to their snail-mailbox! Here are a few of our favorites- click on song title to preview tunes:

Doc Watson

Deep River Blues >>> Doc Watson is teamed up with David Holt on this great track, from the excellent High Windy recording "Legacy". Recipient of the National Medal of Arts, National Heritage Fellowship and seven Grammy Awards (including recent Lifetime Achievement), Doc is a legendary performer who blends his traditional Appalachian musical roots with bluegrass, country, gospel and blues to create a unique style and an expansive repertoire.

Jonathan Byrd

The Law and the Lonesome >>> Jonathan Byrd is out there doing it right now, taking it straight to the people, a seasoned traveler on the "bluegrass highway", as we call it- in the next two months he'll be playing in VA, MD, GA, TN, MN, AR, TX and home in NC. Travel safe, brother...

Magnolia Klezmer Band

Trip To America  >>> Based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, The Magnolia Klezmer Band performs Eastern European Jewish music from Romania, Moldavia, Russia and the Ukraine blended with American traditional jazz and swing

Richard Greene

Hunt the Squirrel/Jack's Maggot >>> Richard Greene, in the words of one of his fellow fiddlers, is "one of the most innovative and influential fiddle players of all time". He performs this lovely set with the legendary folk keyboardist Beryl Marriott.

Mike Scott

I'm Only Listening >>> Sloan Wainwright "is an extremely gifted lyricist... introspective but not self-absorbed, concerned with issues of childhood, love, growth and clarity. Her songs, like her voice, cast a lasting spell at times, drawing the listener into a world full of unquestionably heartfelt emotion." So writes Mike Joyce of The Washington Post.

New Lost City Ramblers Old Joe Bone  >>> Collectively known as the New Lost City Ramblers, Mike Seeger, John Cohen, and Tom Paley were pioneers in the revival of Southern mountain music during the folk music revival of the late 1950s and early 1960s.  From the Smithsonian Folkways 3-CD boxed set. Special thanks to Folkways:
Halie Loren My Rainbow Race >>> Halie Loren is a singer/songwriter who is already carving out a distinctive musical niche with her own jazz-infused breed of intelligent vocal and musical interpretations that can cover everything from piano-based pop/rock to jazz and folk in its purest form. Showing great range on her new album, They Oughta Write a Song, here's her version of a Pete Seeger song. Cool...

Artists Wanted:

We are always looking for exceptional musicians for our "curated" roster- we've become a sort of invitation-only MySpace for Americana/folk musicians and fans. Want a part of the action? Click here for more information.

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We know, times are tough ....

... but if you can, help out your favorite nonprofit- and if it's us, thanks! Supporters of efolkMusic get our 100 song efm MP3/CD Sampler Vol 5 with a supporting donation or subscription. All members get free access to our "member download" library...Tell me more...

efolkMusic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Artist Services

As the music business has "deconstructed" over the past ten years, artists have had to find new ways to get heard; here are a couple of promotional services available to our artists:

"EPK" distribution - We'll send an email  invitation to view your "electronic press kit" to over 500 folk radio DJs and folk festival producers. We'll point them to your efolkMusic artist page, website, mySpace page, etc. where they can learn more about you. all for less than 10 cents per contact.

 Folk Radio CD Distribution - We'll send your CD to 50 or 100 stations that feature folk and singer/songwriter shows, along with a letter of recommendation and your "one sheet", for just $200 (the "hot 50" package).

Click here for more information

Check out the
New Folk Revival:

The New Folk Revival is a blog and recording project from the Texas Hill Country documenting folk and acoustic music around Texas (or travelling through Texas). They are dedicated to preserving folk tradition and spreading the word about both up-and-coming and established folk artists. All the music on their site is available for free streaming or download, as the artists record these sessions specifically so they can be given away digitally. It's not about money, it's about music!

Sponsorships Available for Corporate and Individual Donations

Sponsorship is a great way to support folk music and show off your company's positive community involvement. Please write for more information

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