From: Nigel Feist [nigelharp_at_hotmail_dot_com]
Sent: 11 January 2010 10:41
Subject: RE: Photo and video of the Blues Review now on KentFolk and YouTube
hi Beau, could you help me spread the word?
It's happening again that feeling, Blues is starting to build, the Bash is getting closer.  2010 is going to be good.  We've got international bands coming in and 20 bands in 10 venues over the weekend

Friday 19th February Saturday 20th February Sunday 21st February

Saturday night is the 
Pavilion in Broadstairs show with Broken Biscuit  Blues Band headlining along with Sam Kelly's Station House Band.  Doors at 8pm tickets on sale soon 10 advance. The day after on Sunday 21st at midday, there is a three and half hour blues jam hosted by Wired, a collective of local musicians.  All are welcome to watch or play, pick or grin.  It's a great  chance to talk to some of the performers at the festival and work on any apologies that might be required


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