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Hi people,
Wow, CIRCULUS eh!! (pictures from gig attached). Our biggest success yet, sold out by 8 o'clock, with people from all over Kent, London, Brighton and even Coventry attending! So many apologies to all those who couldn't get in-it just shows that it pays to book early...anyway, we will definitely try and get CIRCULUS back again next year, so thanks to JOE WHOOLEY, and SYD ARTHUR for their support, and Paul from BENEATH THE OAK ,who drove all the way from Leeds, and nearly became the second half of CIRCULUS after some members were "late"...!!! And for the incredibly enthusiastic audience, bolstered immensely by the occupants of the mini bus from Rye, who really had a good time !!
Thanks to Michael, Joel, stefan,  and all band members/staff for making it happen.

So, onto the next gig...! The very welcome return to Orange Street Music Club of....SHARRON KRAUS


with support from Peter Delaney and C Joynes
Live at Orange Street Music Club,
Weds October the 21st 8.00pm
£5 in advance/£6 on door

Sharron Kraus is a dark-folk gem. Listening to her high, clear voice cut through melodies woven from acoustic guitar, banjo and hurdy-gurdy, you may struggle to remember which late-'60s traditionalists beat her to the material.Here's one folklore expert whose originals feel both authentic and alive…."
"Exquisite second album by this wonderful singer. She conjures up visions of Karen Dalton, Shirley Collins, Judy Dyble and even early Joni. Live she was fantastic too."
" ..this moves from traditional folk (in a Shirley Collins, Anne Briggs style) to her own songs and enchants all the way. An immaculate album from a major new singer...."
"Sharron Kraus shows here the dark side of old folk music. [Her voice] reaches a kind of emotional depth which is only rarely heard. The varied acoustic (string instrument and acoustic guitars or banjo) accompaniment makes the listening pleasure complete, an enthralling experience. This is very rich music showing different aspects of feelings and expressions with each listen. Now I consider it already as a classic. Highly recommended!

Watch Sharron here-

Peter Delaney lives in Limerick, Ireland. He comes from a folk music background and plays his own unique style, drawing on early Hawaiian folk songs and Alan Lomax field recordings as well as more contemporary musicians such as Joanna Newsom and Josephine Foster. Peter released his debut EP/Mini Album "Duck Egg Blue" in April 2007 to much acclaim.

Peter has played throughout the UK, Ireland and Norway and has shared the bill with A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Alasdair Roberts, Jozef van Wissem, Juana Molina and The Swell Season.

C Joynes

English acoustic guitarist C Joynes uses traditional country-blues and early ragtime to explore alternative melodic traditions: the English folk-tune; North and West African music; elements of classical Indian music; proto-minimalist and impressionist musics from the European classical tradition. His approach contains a subtle and unassuming experimentation, with a penchant for reworking over-familiar pieces and stripping them of their kitsch and cliché, presenting them afresh. Joynes' music is instinctive, placid, and evokes a certain simplicity and naiveté." - Rhodri Davies
Joynes has released albums through labels such as Bo'Weavil and The Great Pop Supplement.  He has recorded a live broadcast session for Andy Kershaw on BBC Radio 3, and played extensively across the UK and Ireland, sharing bills with performers including Alasdair Roberts, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Jack Rose, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Sir Richard Bishop and Steffan Basho-Junghans

Watch a short film on C Joynes here-

See you there!
Cheers, Jason.


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