From: richard_at_bottleneckblues_dot_com
Sent: 19 October 2009 17:41
Subject: Bottleneck Blues Club
Hello All

We are just over a week away from the Kris Dollimore CD launch and a reminder, please, to give your support for this, very talented, locally based artist.  Kris is a master of raw blues with a twist -  foot stomping, 'get at your soul' music -  to leave you tingling in places that other musicians just can't reach!  He is certainly one of the best and most original solo artists you will see performing in this genre.

Also to let you know that on November 24th we have New Yorker Jonathan Kalb on tour with band including Sam Kelly drums and Spy on bass, both of whom you saw playing in Geoff Achison's band.  Jonathan has a great gravel voice and masterful guitar work - check out his impressive pedigree and music at

So that's Tuesday 27th October, Kris Dollimore and Tuesday 24th November, Jonathan Kalb at the Roffen Club.

Thank you for your support.

Richard Dobney
Bottleneck Blues Club