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Dear sessioners,  FYI I've added the folowing to Paul's  blog. By Laura I think I should have said Lara - apologies to her.    regards Simon

A very useful debate and some v good points.  I have other committments on a wednesday for the next few weeks but a *short* practice session would be great - we don't want to empty the pub.  I like to learn by a combination of ear and midi files.  My problem is finding the right midi file as JC's tunefinder can throw up a number of versions.   I think a few people use JCtf so it would be good to share midi/notation files via email.
We could solicit Laura's views as a newcomer as we don't want to lose this fine violinist.  Maybe we could learn one of her favourite sets.

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Hi Shelagh,
I've posted a summary of what I think emerged from last night's session/discussions
the major point that seems lacking at the moment is any input from the various other people who may or not be interested in these changes ..............
perhaps it would be possible for you to send a "round-robin" e-mail to your list of interested parties pointing them at the discussion on paul's blog
and inviting them to put in their "two penn'orth"
I would also be interested to hear your views - you're always quiet but you've actually given more music tuition than the rest of us put together ..................
kind regards, andy