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Please find press release below - contact for features interest Sylvia Rushbrooke


Dear friends, fans and supporters,

Please would you be kind enough to print off this A4 poster and either display or put in your local arts centre, music shop in fact anywhere people might like to hear of such an event, in order to support this non profit event – 70 tickets only for each night will be on sale from November 1st. and we will get work shop details on sale as soon as we have confirmed venues and musicians taking these work shops news will on



23 October 2009

UK’s largest ever collection of Gypsy guitarists marks Django Centenary

Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival

17-25 January 2010

Some of the world’s top exponents of Gypsy Swing will be gathering in London 17-25 January 2010 to celebrate the 100th birthday (on 23rd January) of the legendary Gypsy, guitar genius, composer, band leader and creator of Gypsy Swing/Jazz:



A nine-day festival of concerts and workshops featuring Europe’s finest Gypsy and non-Gypsy musicians will be the biggest collection of Gypsy Swing talent in the UK ever.

The event marks a cultural milestone in the history of jazz, celebrating the life of the founder of Gypsy swing, Django Reinhardt, who generated musical waves around the globe that today still influence the 1,000s of guitarists worldwide who follow in his legendary footsteps.

Each performance will take the form of a private concert with audience members able to hear the guitar performed acoustically in an intimate period environment and even meet with performers after the show.

Sylvia Rushbrooke, who is organising the festival, commented: “Django Reinhardt’s impact on 20th Century guitar music is undeniable – musicians as varied as Julian Bream, Les Paul, BB King, George Benson, George Harrison and Jimi Hendrix have all paid tribute to Django as inspiration and innovator.  Django’s music is as fresh today as it was 80 years ago.  When people hear this music performed live in the intimate setting of a Parisian café – or, even better still – round a camp fire,  they find themselves irresistibly seduced by the fierce sweetness of the music, and the verve and skill of its players.”

Workshops are being arranged around London with some of the stars giving guitarists the opportunity to learn from the stars and perhaps for the first time an opportunity to learn directly from the Gypsies themselves who pass the music down by ear only.
The festival, which is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, will be hosted at Le QuecumBar & Brasserie, the world famous home of Gypsy Swing in London.  With its intimate 1930s Parisian pre-war atmosphere, it seats 65 people, it makes the perfect and natural environment to hear and see this music and its performers as it would have been experienced in Paris cafes at the time Django played.



For further information please contact:

Sylvia Rushbrooke info_at_QuecumBar_dot_co_dot_uk 020 7787 2225

About Le QuecumBar & Brasserie

Le QuecumBar & Brasserie was established by Sylvia Rushbrooke in 2003.  It has live music seven nights a week and is the only live music venue in the world to be dedicated entirely to Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Swing and those who perform it.  A style born in 1930s Paris, it draws on nearly 1,000 years of Gypsy culture.

Notes to Editors:

1. Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival is being hosted at Le QuecumBar & Brasserie, 42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HX.

2. The Festival is organised by Le Q Records, and is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.  To find out more about The Arts Council visit

3.  Le Q Records is Le QuecumBar’s own record label.  A small independent, it records and distributes CDs of Gypsy Swing jazz, most of which are recordings of live concerts performed at Le QuecumBar.  It has released seven albums to date.  One of these is “Stars of Gypsy Swing”, comprising tracks by Le Quecumbar’s patrons to raise awareness of this genre.  Guitarist and composer Hank Marvin is just one of the Le QuecumBar’s patrons; he donated his first ever Gypsy Swing recordings to the label in support of its work in promoting this genre. To find out more about Le Q Records, visit

4. Django Reinhardt compositions have featured in a number of films: “The Aviator”, “Head in the Clouds”, “Chocolat”, “The Matrix” and “Julie and Julia”.  Jonny Depp and Woody Allen are known to be avid Django fans. Jonny Depp played Django and Stephane Grapelli’s best-known composition, Minor Swing, in “Chocolat”.  Woody Allen, who made “Sweet and Lowdown” as a tribute to Django, included Gypsy jazz tracks in the soundtrack for his recent film, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.  This film featured music from two of Le QuecumBar’s patrons, Biel Ballester and Stephane Wrembel.  Biel’s composition “When I was a Boy” was played over the fairground scene and over the end credits.  His trio is featured in the festival.

4. The Festival is also supported by the European Commission Representation in the UK in recognition of the Festival’s contribution to promoting the culture of the Gypsy people, Europe’s oldest minority group, and celebrating their creation of a jazz genre that is distinctively European.

5.  Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival will bring together the following musicians for the first time ever in the following concerts:
Sunday 17th January 2010 £20

David Reinhardt, French Gypsy, guitar
Sébastien Giniaux, French, guitar
Adrien Moignard, French, guitar
George Trebar, UK, double bass
Ducato Piotrowski, Polish Gypsy, guitar, UK
Supported by:
Fleur de Paris
Quartet of 1930s Parisian Café chanson
(Lo Polidoro French, vocals
Christian DuPont UK, accordion
Kirsten Hammond UK, violin
Martin Brown UK, guitar)
Monday 18th January 2010 £15

Les Doigts de l’Homme, France
(Olivier Kikteff, French, guitar & banjo
Yannick Alcocer, French, guitar
Tanguy Blum, French, bass
Benoit Convert, French, guitar)
Tuesday 19th January 2010 £15

Tcha Limberger Trio, Belgium
(Tcha Limberger, Belgian Gypsy, violin, guitar and vocals
Vivi Limberger, Belgian Gypsy, guitar and vocals
Vilmos Csikos, Hungarian, bass)
Wednesday 20th January 2010 £20

Patron Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy, guitar
Paulus Schäfer, Dutch Gypsy, guitar
Noah Schäfer, Dutch Gypsy, bass
Andy Aitchison, UK, violin
Ducato Piotrowski, Polish Gypsy, guitar (UK)
Thursday 21st January 2010 £15

The Biel Ballester Trio, Spain
(Patron Biel Ballester, Spanish, guitar
Graci Pedro, Spanish, guitar
Leo Hipaucha, Argentinean, bass)
Patron Ritary Gaguenetti
Friday 22nd £20

Gypsy Connection
(Kussi Weiss, German Gypsy, guitar
Tschabo Franzen, German Gypsy, guitar
Hugo Richter, German Gypsy, accordion   
Dietmar Osterburg, German, bass
Freddy Wicke German, guitar and vocals)

Saturday 23rd January 2010 (Django’s Birthday) £25

Patron Lollo Meier, Dutch Gypsy, guitar
Patron Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy, guitar
Kussi Weiss,  German Gypsy, guitar
Dietmar Osterburg, German, bass
Hugo Richter, German Gypsy, accordion   

Sunday 24th January 2010 £25

Patron Lollo Meier, Dutch Gypsy, guitar
Patron Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy, guitar
Feigeli Prisor, Dutch Gypsy, guitar
Sani Van Mullem, Dutch Gypsy, bass
Wattie Rosenberg, Dutch Gypsy, violin

Monday 25th January 2010  £30

Stochelo Rosenberg, Dutch Gypsy, guitar
Patron Lollo Meier, Holland, Dutch Gypsy, guitar
Patron Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy, guitar
Sani Van Mullem, Dutch Gypsy, bass
Wattie Rosenberg, Dutch Gypsy, violin

An interest for advance tickets and workshops can be registered at info_at_quecumbar_dot_co_dot_uk – Tickets will be on sale in November at

SPONSORS: Many thanks to our generous sponsors assisting their country men to attend and for recognising the cultural value of this unique event. Without their help this would not be taking place Sylvia, Monika and Kevin of Le Q Records


Goethe Institut London
s j berwin LLP Norman and Cliff loyal supporters and fans
Brian Potts USA loyal supporter and generous fan
Customer and supporter Ivor Young of Prism Leisure Ltd Licensing & Distribution

Perrier sparkling water 
bureau export 

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 
Sponsoring "Gipsy Connection" featuring Kussi Weiss
Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands
Belgian Tourist Office - Brussels * Wallonia  

“The South of Belgium, Latin Europe in a Nutshell”
LOTTERY FUNDED Arts Council England
EU COMMISSION representation in the UK

Seafrance - the way to France

SeaFrance Dover - Calais Ferries, proud to support Le Q Records & Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival celebrating the 100th birthday of Django Reinhardt.  SeaFrance operates up to 15 daily return crossings on the Dover-Calais route please visit for more details.





 Many thanks and regards
Sylvia Rushbrooke~Proprietaire
Le QuecumBar & Brasserie
London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue”
42-44 Battersea High St
London SW11 3HX
0207 787 2227
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Proud to have the support and approval of our world class musician patrons:
Angelo DeBarre guitar French Gypsy.
John Jorgenson guitar, clarinet USA
Dave Kelbie rhythm guitar UK
John Etheridge guitar UK
Lollo Meier guitar Dutch Gypsy
Robin Nolan guitar Holland
Hank Marvin guitar UK
Andreas Oberg guitar Sweden
Stephane Wrembel guitar France
Ritary Gaguenetti guitar French Gypsy
Biel Ballester Trio guitar Spain
Gary Potter  guitar UK
Moreno guitar French Gypsy

Kevin Nolan rhythm guitar UK

Aurore (Voilqué ) Quartet violin France


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