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I was wondering if you could help.....?

We are hosting Amika and Monroes this weekend and unfortunately we have too many free drinks and not enough people to drink them!!?

I was wondering if maybe you may be able to help me get through them, or if you knew anyone who may be able to help......

There is some extra info about our events below and I would be gratefull if you would spread the word and see if you know anyone who might be able to help me get through it!! as it would be a shame to waste all that grey goose vodka?

Hope to hear from you soon!





Friday 9th October

Exclusive Fashion Party _at_ Amika
To sample the buzz of London Fashion Week and experience the sights, sounds and famous faces from this influential bi-annual event, take look at what the London Fashion Week clubs have to offer. Models, designers and the most talked-about celebrities will be knocking back he complimentary champers and cutting some moves on the dancefloor.
London's prestigious High Street Kensington plays host to a new super elite, acutely vogue concept in members club. A unique playground or the extravagant, designed for affable debauchery and indulgent fun, without pretentiousness but exuding an abundance of class and tyle, it is the ultimate destination for major players and glitterati alike.
Amika is now the bedrock of elegant and sophisticated clubbing in Kensington. After 2 years and having been awarded the prestigious 'Best New Club 2007' and 'Best Club 2008' at the London bar and club awards Amika is at the forefront of innovation in London's late night party
Chandelier Bar: For up to 300 guests.
Champagne Room: For up to 120 guests.
Cocktail Bar: For up to 80 guests.
Saturday 10th October
Gold Night _at_ Monroes
No.5 Cavendish Square, most probably the only place where you could say " I wish I owned this building "
This pretty place has won best boutique club of 2009. Playing your favourite funky house and Saturday will be no exception.
It's Gold night, so put on something sparkly and shiny and get ready to kick it with the best.



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