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Newsletter For October 26, 2009

Volume 4  Issue 30


Good morning...


We've uploaded a pile of new CD reviews this week, including Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Darryl Worley, Miranda Lambert and more.  There is a LOT of good music there for you to check out.  We also have new articles and more.  Additionally, are you looking for something to do tonight (or throughout the week)?  Check out the SHOWCASES AND EVENTS page under EVENTS - lots of happenings.  If you have a gig you'd like to have posted, send it to us in text or JPG format.  Anywhere in North America...


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Questions for this week: How can you make your voice richer?  Who's making all the right moves?  Who's "Rockin' In the Country?"  For the answers to these questions, you will need to visit the Music News Nashville site by CLICKING HERE


For the latest full issue of Music News Nashville with links to articles, photos and more, CLICK HERE


Find out where you can send your music to win cash prizes, recording contracts and more.  CLICK HERE and click on FOR ARTISTS/WRITERS on the menu, and then on CONTEST/COMPETITIONS.  There are many new ones up and listed.


If you visit the CLUB LISTING page under Showcases and Events and see a club that either no longer exists or know of one that isn't listed, please send us that information.


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