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Oct 16 , 2009

Call To Action: "WEFM" Streaming Radio Station

We've always been interested in leveraging the power of the internet to get around the blockage posed On the Air!by McMedia, bringing you the good music with our MP3 downloads, RSS feeds and with our "WEFM Radio" feature; now we'd like to turn WEFM into a full-blown streaming radio service (it's currently more of a "jukebox" than a real station), with live as well as pre-recorded shows, interviews, concert broadcasts and more. New technology is our friend here, as it is now possible to have live DJs from around the world broadcasting shows through our server.

Will you help us build this service? Our bean-counters suggest we could get equipment, software and a year's worth of bandwidth for about $2000, so let's get busy- it's simple, we put up a thermometer, see, and then raise money until it erupts:

Please consider a tax-deductible membership or donation to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit- this can be a great way of getting the good music into more ears, and that is, after all, what we are about.

Featured Song (Free Download)
Journey Home from BIRDY

BirdyHere's the title track from Birdy's new 2009 CD of the same name. BIRDY performs a variety of music in beautiful two-part harmony. When you attend one of their shows, you can expect to hear Birdy originals, traditional folk tunes, Celtic selections, contemporary music in a stripped down earthy BIRDY style, a random Beatles tune, and a few other things thrown in for good measure. release.

BIRDY Artist Page / Free MP3 Download: Journey Home

Featured Artist (Free Download)
Martha Ann Brooks

Martha Ann Brooks"It never ceases to amaze me how uncomfortable some people get when they can't fit you all neat and tidy into a box." Martha Ann Brooks was born in Montgomery, AL; raised in Augusta, GA; graduated from UGA; played in cover bands in Atlanta, GA; took sabbatical before moving to NW Georgia; now performing predominately original music - get a free MP3 from Martha's CD "Lately..."

Martha Ann Brooks Artist Page / Free MP3 Download: Lately ( I Been Changin' My Mind )

" You might not love every song you hear at efolkMusic, but you will love the dedication to quality that you find there " -Don Dixon, musician, producer, efM Board Member

Don has been a great friend and supporter of efolkMusic since the beginning, 10 years ago. Music like his (and his talented spouse Marti Jones) is the whole reason efolkMusic exists, to get around the McMedia blockage and bring the good music directly from the artist to your ears.   If you care about independent music, please consider helping out this nonprofit
with a donation or membership.

Join now at the $30 annual level or greater, get access to our 1400-song "member mp3 library" plus we'll send you a 100-song CD/MP3 sampler to get you started. Enjoy the benefits and help us "pick it up and carry it on...".   Click here now, as they say...


Must be almost past, as we're finally in,
We're Facebookin', y'uns!

Facebook, dude!OK, OK we give up- some of you are hanging out at Facebook, more than at efolkMusic!! We know, your pals are all there - sup, I'm walking the dog, ROFL, thought you'd want to know...

So we're hangin' out there, too, ya can't say we're not "with it." . C'mon by, be a fan, look at the pictures, LOL, etc., we'll let you know if there's anything important happening. And we promise, no Twitter, ever.

..become an efolkMusic fan on Facebook ..

Our Internet Radio Guide:

Just to keep us from yawning during the day, we've developed a website to help folks find the best streaming radio stations out there, iRadioGuru. There are almost 20,000 stations on the web, how are you gonna pick the wheat from the chaff? Visit this review resource, add your favorite station, give it a good plug.

Great Gift Ideas From efolkMusic

efM MugThe very latest, logo-laden gear to help you keep the music in your thoughts at any moment, while you are drinking your coffee (nice mugs!), shopping (tote bags), or just want to look sharp (T-shirts, styled to please): check out the efM store for our snazzy custom-made merchandise. Choose from our product line or create your own, and support our nonprofit in the process. Start here on our new gear page- and thanks!

More Exceptional Music, Automatically Delivered To Your Desktop

RSSIf you aren't using RSS yet to make your life easier, you will be soon- give it a try! The common name for RSS is "podcast", and we offer several varieties. Subscribe to our "Song of the Week" or our other auto-updating feeds for free: keep up with what's happening on the folk scene and get free songs delivered to your computer desktop, un-subscribe at any time. Find out more here...

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