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Music News Nashville

Newsletter For August 3, 2009

Volume 4 Issue 18

Good morning...

Don't you just love summer... swimming, cold beer, sun tans, cold beer, festivals, and - did I mention - ice cold beer? Summer is a time when we relax and take it easy and I love it! This week, we have new articles for you to enjoy... So, answer these questions: Who's got a recipe for success? What motel chain has gone country? and Why should you Just Do Something? For the answers, you'll need to visit the link below for the current newsletter or log onto the Music News Nashville website at
As you know from previous mailings, Dan has cancer. He's asking that you visit his DONATION'S page and help out one of the charities located there: American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute or the Cancer Research Institute. To go straight there, visit
We've posted a new page on Music News Nashville - CONCERTS. It's under the EVENTS button. Find out who's playing at major venues. If you have a major venue near you that you would like to see included, please email dan and let him know the venue and URL address for it.
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Find out where you can send your music to win cash prizes, recording contracts and more. Visit and click on FOR ARTISTS/WRITERS on the menu, and then on CONTEST/COMPETITIONS. There are many new ones up and listed.

If you visit the CLUB LISTING page under Showcases and Events and see a club that either no longer exists or know of one that isn't listed, please send us that information.
While you're surfing the net, please visit Dan's Facebook profile and become his friend.

As always, we thank you for reading Music News Nashville. Tell all your friends about us or, better yet, forward them the newsletter. You can do so with a link at the bottom of the e-mail you received.
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