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efolkMusic Update, July 31, 2009
Inspiration, perspiration, recovery ...

Please visit our deluxe new accommodations ... we just finished the sweaty part, "completing" (ha) the move to our snazzy new website. We've got more resources on a more accessible and usable open source platform (as a folk site should be)!  Please stop by next time you are in the 'hood, we want to show it off.

efolkMusic's mission is to raise awareness of an overlooked art form, to support active artists by promoting their music via our website and outreach communication. We also continue to grow the website resource, a living music and information archive for musicians and fans the world over.

We are "leveraging" the power of the internet to get more music into your ears, with our newsletters, samplers, RSS feeds and widgets, whatever ways we can find to keep the music in the air. Across borders, past "genre" and around the obstructions of mainstream media, efolkMusic wants to put you in "high touch" with our folk music community.

We hope you will visit us in our new home- it's more usable, accessible, browser-friendly and (hopefully) faster than ever before. Browse some of these popular spots:

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1) Inspiration 2) Perspiration 3) Recovery

efolkMusic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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