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The Guardian Music Writers can't turn it off!
The Summer Single for 2009 - Out Today


Ruth Notman - Si Tu Dois Partir

"A new voice in British Folk"
The Independent

Inspired by Sandy Denny

download Si Tu Dois Partir today...

Picked by The Guardian music writers as one of the tracks they "Just can't turn off"
Ruth Notman's Si Tu Dois Partir is OUT TODAY!

Exactly 40 years after Fairport Convention had their only chart single with this Bob Dylan song, a young singer with a voice “So close to Sandy Denny’s perfection that it is difficult to discern the gap” (Rock n Reel) gives us her take on this classic.

Ruth Notman’s debut album Threads was “One of the most assured, varied and impressive Debuts” according to The Guardian with airplay on BBC Radio 2 and 3, a live session on the Bob Harris show, wide critical acclaim including Album of the Week in The Independent and a whole raft of major festival gigs.

buy Threads...

So here, 40 years to the day that Fairport's Si Tu Dois Partir charted, Ruth releases her tribute to that groundbreaking single.

Taken from the forthcoming album, The Life of Lilly released on September 21, the single is a classic summer anthem for 2009.

download Si Tu Dois Partir today...

hear a sample of the single...


"Excellent, Smiley and joyful” Simon Nicol, Fairport Convention

"Love it! Perfect summer record" Colin Irwin

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