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Subject: Re: Chris Smith from The Chambers in Folkestone Kent, Ref New open mic night
Hi again!
Forgot to include monthly listings - Doh!
Will include the rest of May though I suspect its way to late for any of those.
Mon 25th: A 3 band special featuring THE MAGNETS - ELEPHANTS ( fresh from Radio 1's big weekend in Swindon ) & TATTERATTLES. Not especially Folksy these guys, but in the interests of fairness thought I'd include them too.
Thurs 28th The Jazz Police. Just about the only place you can see these accomplished musicians play on a regular monthly basis, due to their other musical commitments. A long standing always successful evening. From 8pm onwards.
Free entry, dining from 7 - 9pm.
Weds 3rd: THE LIGHT WORKS. An evening of performance of many kinds, mainly music based but smattered with poetry & more! A night of nearly all original works. VERY entertaining with something for everybody.
Free entry. Dining from 7 - 9pm
Thurs 4th: Cultured Pearl. Always well received this guitar duo.  These guys play mainly covers but their unusual choices with the make for an enjoyable evening. Live from 8pm.
Free entry. Dining from  7 - 9pm.
Thurs 11th:
The MERCURIAL'S. Latin & flamenco mixed with folk & a dab of rock/blues. Brilliantly played diverse musicianship makes this night work so well! Live from 8pm. 
Free entry. Dining from  7 - 9pm.
Thurs 18th:
Much the same pleasures to be had as above in May!
Thurs 25th: HEY ZEUS! Very competently played funk / jazz from this Canterbury base foursome. Definitely a good night to bring your best groove & slide along.
Free entry. Dining from 7 - 9pm.
Many thanks once more, will be in touch with more info if thats still ok.
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Subject: RE: Chris Smith from The Chambers in Folkestone Kent, Ref New open mic night

Hi Chris,
Good on you doing good music.
Happy to list it, no charge, but the day job has got in the way this month, April calendar was up, but never got to the news.
Keep the info coming, plain text as per your email works well, or MS Word documents, but .jpgs are difficult.

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Subject: Chris Smith from The Chambers in Folkestone Kent, Ref New open mic night

Howdy Mr Webber,
My names Chris Smith & I own & run The Chambers bar & restaurant in Folkestone & have done for over ten years now. We've always featured live music and are always keen to impress that artistes put as much original music or standards in their set as is possible (I steer away from Oasis covers etc with a cringe, if you get the picture). Starting this Saturday & every fortnight after, we're taking over hosting a well established open mic night which formerly took place at the Whole World Cafe also in Folkestone which sadly recently closed. It seems the open night was one of the consistently busy attractions in the events calendar and I have great hopes for it prolonged success with us here at the Chambers. I've included a couple of shots of events which I hope would be useful but please contact me for more information if your time allows. We always host live music through the week - normally of a jazz or folk / flamenco / latin bias every Thurs evening with dining, and would welcome the opportunity to regularly feature in your listings. I understand that this may carry a 'charge' for your time so could you give me a indicator of what that may be.