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and warm welcome to the lovely new people that signed up after Turin Brakes. Come in, take your coat off, wipe your feet and take a seat, just don't eat all the biscuits. You've joined a lovely friendly group of people that together make up the folk in the barn family and all enjoy some fantastic music in beautiful venues. What could be better.
What's todays good news Debs? I hear you ask. Well I'm happy to say the box office is now open for Show of Hand's Autumn visit to Kent. The theme this year is County Towns of England and to this end they will be playing in Maidstone, at the Hazlitt Arts Centre, on Friday 16th October. It is a Folk in the Barn presentation, but I'm not taking the ticket bookings for this, you'll need to contact the theatre either online at or ring 01622 758611 . Steve and Phil will be joined as usual by Miranda Sykes on double bass. Also supporting will be the beautiful and unique - French-Geordie - Flossie Malavialle. Flossie recently played at Faversham Folk club to great acclaim. I haven't seen her play live but I did have breakfast with her in Portsmouth a few years ago and that was very enjoyable - if that helps?? :o) Tickets for this concert are £17 or £15 for concs. Details soon to be on my website as will details of all the other autumn gigs.
Well then - weren't those Turin Brakes boys fabulous?? You can see a few clips on Youtube now We even had a marriage proposal on Saturday night during the second half. Thats got to be a first for Folk in the Barn. I think she said Yes. Kate Walsh was truly wonderful as well, very poignant, heartwrenching lyrics sung so purely, we'll have to have her back to do a concert in her own right. I met her Mum and Dad who turns out are huge ColvinQuarmby fans and saw them at Cromer recently - YAY! There's some lovely comments on the guestbook and on Turin Brakes myspace etc. Thanks to all who came along.
Jumping back to the Show of Hands stable - Mr Phil Beer will be playing in Whitstable at the Playhouse on 13th June, this has confused some of you, who have asked me for tickets. It's being promoted by Phils (and my) friend Vicky. You may have noticed that this is the same date as the Folk in the Barn Gigspanner concert which is a shame because I won't be able to go myself! Full details of this are on the Playhouse website
On the subject of Gigspanner, my trusty steward and carparker - Mick O'Rourke, some of you may know, saw them Sunday night at Hitchen and said they were sensational and we're in for a real treat. Tickets still available from me, only £11.
More local music news
KIM RICHEY at the Tower Theatre, Folkestone - Saturday 23rd May
"Coming to the Tower Theatre for one night only is Kim Richey, the artist with one of the most beautiful and lyrical of voices. Wending her way from Nashville, Tennessee, the home of country music Kim is known for the quality of her voice, her songs and her shows. She is well respected throughout the music industry and loved by all. " Time; 7.30pm
Price; £8.00 or (£10 or the night)
Box office 01303 223925
Peter Heselden

"Australian master songwriter and singer . guitarist Eric Bogle is making his last touring visit to the UK over this summer including a gig at Dartford Folk Club on Tuesday 28th July.
Without in any way diluting attendance at Dartford's gig ( as Eric will be worth seeing as many times as you are able to do so ) you may wish to know of a very special concert organised by HERGA Folk Club on Saturday 27th June at the James Theatre, Shepherds Road, Watford WD18 7JF which is an intimate theatre within Watford Boys School.
The concert starts prompt at 7pm ( bar opens at 6pm ) and will include two sets from Eric plus features from Martyn Wyndham-Read and Iris Bishop, Johnny Coppin and special guest Les Sullivan - should be a pretty exceptional evening. Australian master songwriter and singer . guitarist Eric Bogle is making his last touring visit to the UK over this summer including a gig at Dartford Folk Club on Tuesday 28th July." Joe Whittaker

The current Folk in the Barn prog..
June 13th - Kingston Barn - Gigspanner (Peter Knight's new trio - sublime fiddling/guitar and bongos) tickets £11 from me.
June 23rd - Kingston Barn - Steve Knightely & Martyn Joseph - £15 SOLD OUT - VERY SORRY!
Summer break

September 11th - Canterbury Cathedral ISC - Chris While & Julie Matthews - 'Best Duo 09' BBC folk awards, "Two of my favourite singers in the whole wide world" - Beth Nielsen Chapman. Tickets £14 / £12 reserving now - from me.
October 2nd - Whitstable Playhouse - ColvinQuarmby - “Gerry Colvin is a writer of great substance who is able to give us something that has been largely missing in English Music for a long time. His subjects and characters are clearly defined and his songs create strong images and stories which can make us both laugh and cry in the same breath.
This band is unique and unforgettable. The songs are brilliant. They should be a household name. Go see them.” Phil Beer ‘Show of Hands’ Bookings from Playhouse available later on.
October 16th - Hazlitt Arts Centre, Maidstone - Show of Hands - County Towns Tour £17 / £15 Box office 01622 758611
(if you're new to this list since the weekend and haven't heard of Show of Hands - they're the reason I started doing this 6 years ago - they're the Kings and Queens of the Folk/Acoustic world with their powerful original songs delivered with a rock mentality on acoustic instruments. Narrative songs that depict a connection to place and a way of living that makes sense - and Steve Knightley's 'vast and windswept' voice, combined with Phil Beer's multi instrument virtuosity and Mirandas subtle vocal and bass accompaniment. You have to go see them, they changed my life - opened a door to a world that I didn't know existed, but am having such fun discovering)
November 13th - Kingston Barn - Keith James and Rick Foot - Concert in memory of John Martyn Tickets £13 from me - reserving now. Keith as some of you know has often included John Martyns material in his set and is extremely good at performing his songs. After Martyns untimely death earlier this year many people asked Keith to do a tribute show. This will be a very special evening for all, particularly fans of John Martyn music. Only 100 tickets available, don't miss out.
December 8th - Canterbury Cathedral ISC - St Agnes Fountain - The perfect prologue to Christmas or do I mean Prelude? or are they both wrong? A beautiful evening's entertainment to get you in the Christmassy mood (sorry I won't mention it again) But it sold out last year so dont miss out. I'm taking reservations now, pay later.
I'm currently setting up a thing so you can pay online and with credit cards, save all that hassle with cheques and stamps etc. Will let you know soon. You'll still be able to pay the usual way if you prefer.
Back later with more....


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