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Subject: Can't think of a title today!

So who was lucky enough to be at the Whitstable Playhouse last Saturday night then? From your comments and emails it seems we all felt much the same, that it was a truly special evening with two great performers - the seasoned professionalism and sheer charismatic power of Martyn Joseph and the raw but equally powerful talent of young Luke Jackson. They should tour together I reckon (when Luke's old enough!) Thanks for the lovely emails - I'd love those that comment to add their thoughts to the website guest book, then its a record for all to see, and something nice to look back at on a rainy day.
A few of our Fibbers regulars are members of the Maridadi Singers and Drummers Group and I've been asked to mention that they are performing at The Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury on Saturday May 9th. 'The vitality and enthusiasm of Canterbury's World Music Community Choir accompanied by the Maridadi Drummers has had audiences standing, clapping, cheering and dancing. This particular musical magic carpet ride around the world will begin in our own British Isles and include African songs and drumming, music from the Balkans and Iceland, Spirituals and much more' Good luck Andy and Lucy!
Tickets £12.00. Concessions £10.00 from The Gulbenkian Box Office Tel 01227 769075.

Before that we have the colourful Rochester Sweeps Festival this coming weekend with Kate Rusby on the Saturday night and The Strawbs on Sunday night, both 7.30pm in the Castle Gardens Concert Marquee. There are also many other gigs around the Town including Barber & Taylor at the Enigma Wine Bar on Monday ...12.30 -2.30pm and not forgetting the inimitable Gerry Colvin on Sunday afternoon in the Concert Marquee at 2.30pm with his rare but very special 'solo' set. Gerry doesn't expect anyone to bother to turn up, so lets give him a surprise and make his day! Also playing are 'The Two Man Gentleman Band' who sound a lot like Gerry's old cowpunk skiffle duo 'Terry & Gerry'. They're great, check out their myspace. It's going to be a great concert and all for FREE! See you there - in the Sunshine!!
As predicted there was a run on tickets for Gigspanner after the Steeleye gig. Over half have gone already so book sooooon. Saturday 13th June in the Kingston Barn - trust me this will be another very special concert. More spine-tingling on the menu. Can you have too much spine-tingling?? I don't think so! I wonder if there's a band called the Spine-tinglers? There should be, I'd go and see them. Hands up who doesn't know what a Gigspanner is then? If you don't want to know - look away now! ...... Its a bottle opener of course. You can look again now. Sorry - rambling more than usual this afternoon, must be the endless sunshine - isn't it great! At long last - proper weather after years of grey.
Off to sit out in it now for a tea-break and look at the lambs, who are growing much too quickly - like the grass!
Back soon


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