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Sent: 06 May 2009 19:54
Subject: Bottleneck Blues Club
Hello All,

Perhaps one would expect a band who have been playing the circuit now for so many years would start to get complacent, lose their sparkle and the creative edge that had been driving them ahead of the crowd.  Not so the Spikedrivers, who frankly just get better and better.  They so clearly love what they do and have such camaraderie, combined with exceptional individual talent, that the elixir of everlasting greatness seems theirs to hold.  We were fortunate to experience this again just over a week ago.

Coming up on the 26th May we have a legend!  Described by John Peel as "The foremost white blues player in the world" he has, during his career, been associated with the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Kevin Coyne.   Gordon Smith played the club early in it's existence so this will be a long awaited homecoming for him.  Gordon is accompanied by the Essential Blues Band which incorporates the cream of contemporary gigging professionals on the circuit, Bob Haddrell (Keys), Alan Glen (Harmonica), Jim Mercer (Bass) and Dino Coccia (Drums).

As you are probably aware, I am away for a while, however, will be leaving the UK front-end (ooooeerrrrr) of the club in the capable hands of John, Roy, Terry and Sandra (but not necessarily in that order!)  I will be taking bookings for seats in the normal way and dealing with the artist bookings and suchlike.  Please continue to support - nothing essentially has changed other than you will have the added pleasure of not seeing my ugly mug for a while!

I will, however, be there in spirit and will be ethereally checking out on Tuesday 26th May at the Roffen Suite where we present Gordon Smith and the Essential Blues Band.

Thank you.

Richard Dobney
Bottleneck Blues Club