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Subject: Update on Folk At The foresters
The Diary

May 11th     Sing Around

May 18th    Sing Around Featuring Andy Caven

May 25th    Sing Around

June 1st     Sing Around

June 8th     Sing Around

June 15th    Sing Around

June  22nd  Sing Around

June  29th    Sing Around

Hi everyone.All the hard work in promoting the club proved absolutely worthwhile when we saw just how many of you turned out to support us! When you think that only a small percentage of the Kent and london Folk Scene were with us, it gives pause for thought. Folk music can't be  quite the minority sport that some would have others believe.Considering that some of us had a hard weekend's folking in Rochester, the turnout was fantastic! We've definitely made the right move. It was great to have Ty and Ayesha with us, as it was they that started up the original Fox And Hounds, and if they hadn't needed to pass it on to us Leopards...?Although it has changed,it has grown,and we now have a viable singers club in Dartford, which, is wonderful.What made the club even more magical was the visit from Alchemy, great friends of the Kent Folk Scene, and good friends of mine too. Thanks for coming, all of you, and hope to see at least some of you at future evenings.Sue and Trevor, T D L