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Subject: SEFAN 2009-04-22_02 Crawley Ceilidh Experience May/June

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From: "john Byng" <jbyng_at_btinternet_dot_com>
Date: 18 April 2009 17:44:26 BDT
Subject: John Byng needs your help


I have persuaded Crawley Leisure Services, and the Sussex Community Foundation to back a scheme for encouraging Ceilidh dancing and I need help to gain sufficient publicity.  Crawley Council was going to publish an article in their magazine “Crawley Live” but an editorial mix-up meant it was omitted.  This leaves me with a need to appeal for help.

The idea is that we (the South East Folk Arts Network - SEFAN) will be providing a series of tutored dances (workshops) so that people can acquire or improve their skills and be better able to enjoy the Festival Ceilidh at the Crawley Folk Festival (27th June).  If that Ceilidh is a success we shall hope to put on more regular events with famous folk/rock bands.

Ceilidh dancing has the advantage of being easy to pick up and enjoy whether you are fit and able to dance wildly or a bit stiff and needing to shuffle!!  But either way a few skills raise the enjoyment levels enormously.  The workshops will be the place to get those skills and improve your fitness.

I am attaching two leaflets (one in Word and the other in pdf so that you can view whichever is clearer on your machine) but they contain the same information.

The cost is only £3 a session and that those who are under 26 will pay nothing.  We hope that lots of young people will take advantage of this offer because it is they who have the wildest time at the monthly Ceilidhs at Haywards Heath and Godalming.  It would be great to achieve the same thing in Crawley.  And the new Crawley dancers will swell the numbers at Godalming and Haywards Heath as well.

Email me at jbyng_at_btinternet_dot_com if you would like more information.

web page now live at

SEFAN is sponsoring this project in order to expand the range of entertainments in Crawley so please pass this appeal on to everybody you can think of in the region and ask them to pass it on too.  That will ensure success and fun events.  I shall hope to see you in the workshops and in the two Ceilidhs already arranged.

Many thanks for your help.

John Byng

9 Old Manor Close

Ifield Crawley

W Sussex RH11 0HQ

01293 537234