From: Chris Frank, efolkMusic CEO [chris_at_efolkMusic_dot_org]
Sent: 01 June 2009 06:27
Subject: efolkMusic Site Update

Say yes to 2.0

Dear fans, artists, DJs, folk event planners and all lovers of good music:

Please check out our latest update to efolkMusic, a major visual and navigation update. We are definitely a web 2.0 site, maybe 2.1!!! Although "web 2.0" is usually defined by a website that is interactive and dynamic rather than static (which we have been for a long time), I like this take from a comment at WSJ's

"Web 2.0 was not a new version of the web, but a name that tried to capture what distinguished the companies that survived the dotcom bust from those that didn't, and point the way forward for new companies entering the market" 

We've survived, thanks to great artists and fans - we're going on TEN YEARS this fall! Take a look around- browse the "Listen & Download" area with FULL-LENGTH previews of every track, add your fester or radio show to our database listings, cruise artist pages for more info, videos, downloads, on and on, try it out and let me know what you think!

Chris Frank, efM founder and "CMO" (Chief Musical Officer)

PS In case you care: efolkMusic runs on an Apache 2.0 Linux server, PHP 5.1.6, using Joomla content management system with Community Builder artist pages. We've left the Microsoft World-of-Errors for the collaborative open source community- and we couldn't be happier!

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