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efolkMusic News, Vol 9, #7 - 4.28.2009
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Happy 90th Birthday, Pete Seeger! Happy Birthday Pete

Peter Seeger is possessed of that rarest of human qualities - the inquiring mind. This gentle and at the same time fiery and unbeatable spirit pervades his music, his friendships, his beanpole body and his thought. His performances are true to our folk musicians faithfully and sensitively. - Alan Lomax

Born May 3, 1919, Pete Seeger is arguably the greatest living "folk singer", and that description doesn't do him justice. From his performances with Woody Guthrie in the Almanac Singers in the early 1940's, the Weavers in the late 40's and 50's, to the present day, Pete Seeger embodies the spirit of folk music with every breath.

His 90th birthday bash, at Madison Square Garden on May 3rd, is a fitting tribute to the manPete Seeger and his music, with a huge list of guest artists including Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Taj Mahal and many more.

Also, just released: American Favorite Ballads from Pete Seeger >> The 139 songs in this 5-CD Smithsonian Folkways set show Pete at the crossroads of the past and the future, putting his own stamp on America’s folk song heritage while bequeathing it to generations to come.

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Lawrence Blatt

Mar Azul is a showcase of the virtuosity from San Francisco's Lawrence Blatt. His unique sound stems in part from his "fusion of classical and modern performance techniques", with piercing, original compositions played on acoustic finger-style guitar. 

Tom Smith

Talk Like a Pirate Day >>> Tom Smith is the only recording artist to be featured on both NPR's Sound and Spirit and The Dr. Demento Show, and writer of the official chantey for Talk Like A Pirate Day, Tom has been praised by such diverse folk as singer-songwriter Christine Lavin, author Larry Niven, and web cartoonist Randy Milholland.

Scott Brooks

Back Home >>>  From Scott C Brooks, here's a blues track with a most authentic sound. Scott is a solo singer/songwriter who plays folk and blues music in the style common to the early 1900's. Influenced by Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and Son House, his music is a wide screen tribute to artists that poured their hearts and souls into the music they created and will never be forgotten.

Mike Scott

Ploughboy Laddies >>>Toraigh brings us a beautiful but sad tale about a young lass betrayed by faithless young lads. The band consists of Mary Dennis and Bob Midden, from Bowling Green, Ohio, and Martin Koop from Tiffin, Ohio. Toraigh (pronounced like "Tory") is a Gaelic word that means "seek" or "search."

Thomas Hendley Much Too Late To Go Home was co-written by Thomas Hendley with Clark Hoyle and Anje Seufert. This is nice ballad with a wistful steel guitar. Thomas has a new album out, Road Tunes and Regrets.
Robert Wiersma A Distant Track >>> A lovely song from singer, songwriter and guitar player Robert Wiersma from Groningen in the north of The Netherlands. Robert plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as the mandolin and harp. As a solo artist, Robert is playing country and folk-flavored semi-acoustic music, in a tradition set by people such as Gene Clark, Gram Parsons and Roger McGuinn.

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