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Subject: Frittenden Festival 4th April 2009

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Dear All,

I am delighted to announce the Frittenden Festival.

please can you include this event in your mailing list, if you feel it is appropriate. Please accept my apologies if it is of no interest to you.

I also attach the flier.

Many thanks and best wishes, Kerry

Saturday 4th April 2009
Frittenden Festival
Sing, dance and play!

A Kent village-based folk festival featuring performers deeply rooted in the traditional singing, dancing and music of  Kent, Essex and Sussex. All events take place at Frittenden's Memorial Hall and the popular Bell & Jorrocks pub.

Memorial Hall, The Street,
Frittenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 2DD

Bell & Jorrocks Pub
Biddenden Rd, Frittenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 2EJ

Performers include: Annie Dearman and Steve Harrison,
Andy Turner, The Mighty Quinns with Tom Moore
Nigel Hobbins, John Morgan, Marian Button, Peter Collins
The Wealden Ramblers (Roger Resch and Bob Kenward)
David Campbell, Tom Redman, Alan Day
Hooden Horse by Rabble, Rosie Davis, Kerry Fletcher
Tim Brooks, Florida, Chris Pitt, Julie and Gavin Atkin

Barn dance Enjoy a family barn dance with local dance band
Florida and caller Chris Pitt, with special surprise guests
Stepdancing workshop Come and join in! You don't need to have
danced before, as we'll be there to show you how
Concert and Singaround with festival guests Be entertained by
talented performers who deserve to be far better known
Kent songs workshop Find out about our county's heritage of old
fashioned songs and singers from a local expert
Singing and music sessions Join in or just enjoy being among
musicians, singers and stepdancers in the Bell & Jorrocks pub

Tickets Midday and evening sessions free
Workshops, Stepdancing showcase and Singaround with festival guests:
 2.50 adults and 1.50 children
Concert: 4.50 and 2.50
Barn dance: 6.50 and 3.50

For information or call Gavin 07985 522734

Saturday 4th April 2009
Frittenden Festival
Sing, dance and play programme

At the Bell & Jorrocks Pub

10.30 to 12.00am Kent songs workshop with Andy Turner
10.30 to 12.00am Concertina rendezvous with Alan Day
12.00am to 2.00pm Travelling Folk session in the bar with Terry King
12.00am to 2.00pm Song and tune session in the stable block with
Jane Petto and Gavin Atkin
12.00am to 2.00pm Stepping on the open step board with Kerry
Fletcher, Rosie Davis and Tim Brooks
2.00 to 3.15pm Singaround with festival guests introduced by Peter
8.00 to 11pm Songs and tunes in the stable block with Peter Collins

At the Memorial Hall

10.30 to 12.00am Stepdancing workshop for adults and children (for beginners!)
with Kerry Fletcher, Rosie Davis and Tim Brooks
2.15 to 3.15pm Stepdancing showcase with Stepworks for children and schools
4.00 to 5.45pm Grand concert with festival guests, including singers, stepdancers,
musicians and Hooden Horse play

8.00 to 11.00pm
Barn dance with local festival stars Florida, caller Chris Pitt and
surprise guests!

Kerry Fletcher
07703 639 720