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Hello from FolkintheBarn Towers, where the lambs are leaping and the daffs wafting in the warm breeze, and Debs has finally stopped coughing - hoo-flippin-ray. I promise never to be smug about surviving the winter virus-free again!! Now to get my energy back - where's the chocolate?
Well I've missed all the great gigs in March, Swarb, Tilston, the Copper family, Tom Palmer, Feast of fiddles etc etc. Hope they all went well for those involved and attending. I don't intend to miss next weekends Gosport and Fareham Easter Festival. All the usual suspects will be there - SHOW OF HANDS
Anyone else going? full details can be found at
This week sees Faversham Folk club celebrating its 40th birthday with a Grand Singaround at the Chimney Boy on Weds 8th at 8.30pm. The rest of this month see's Eliza Carthy and Steeleye Span at the Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury, The Levellers in Folkestone, and our next Folk in the Barn concert - Martyn Joseph at the Whitstable Playhouse.

There are only 40 tickets left for Martyn Joseph on Saturday 25th April. I miss not doing the box office because I don't know who's coming! It'll be a surprise for me on the night to see who has come along. If you haven't booked a ticket yet and you're around on Saturday 25th - here's why you might want to...
What can I say about Martyn....? A friend of mine put it perfectly..... If the world was about to end and he could see only one last concert, he would chose a Martyn Joseph concert. He said that a few years ago and still stands by it. Why? I guess because Martyn has that ability to move you so profoundly, you'd experience all human emotion and humanity in one last go. Martyn puts his heart and soul into every performance. He's one of my favourite favourites and I'm really happy to have a chance to see him again very soon. I 'discovered' him through Steve Knightley and the Faith Folk and Anarchy tour with Tom Robinson a few years back, and have been a huge fan ever since. His songs are amazing.... clever, beautiful, well crafted, powerful, angry, sad, hopeful, raw, tender.... the whole gamut. His voice - an aching whisper to an angry roar, phwerrr... i'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Just trust me and I hope you'll see for yourself.

What others say....
"It might be just another evening when you go in to a Martyn Joseph concert but it certainly won’t be when you come out.....
Few singer songwriters have the hammer blow “once seen, never forgotten” effect of this colossally talented and charismatic Welshman one of acoustic music’s brightest stars.
Shades of Springsteen, Knopfler and Dave Matthews there may be - but Joseph is a performer like no other - his diverse album Vegas deserving every one of its 4 stars in a recent MOJO review. A mean guitar player with a powerful voice, Bob Harris has praised the ”outstanding lyrical intelligence” of his songs which can range from rock to blues, jazz and even, according to one critic , “funk folk”!
With a string of Top 50 hits to his name he has been in demand on both sides of the Atlantic for over two decades, touring with the likes of Art Garfunkel and Jools Holland and winning fans everywhere with his uncanny fusion of material .
He has an enviable high energy connectivity with his audience whether it’s an arts centre in his native Wales or a 5,000 strong crowd at the Royal Albert Hall and he’s never devoid of a touch of wry, often topical humour. He darts chameleon-like between mighty and meek songs, railing against the broken promise playground of global leaders, holding tight to anti war anthems and then “disarming” for unexpectedly fragile love songs."

Check out Amazon for customer reviews as well, they're often very well thought out and informative.
Tickets are £15 or £14 for concessions from You can register, log in and book online - choosing where you sit, or ring 01227 275506 - mornings. Almost all the stall seats have gone now, but there is still room in the balcony, which has a great view.
The Playhouse is a beautiful little theatre, the sort you'd want to own yourself if you could. Red velvet.... and chandeliers.... and a spacious bar, adjacent carpark....and it's in lovely quirky Whitstable - home of Harry Hill! I wonder if he'd like to come along??? If anyone knows him - give him a flyer would you!
And did I mention Canterbury's own boy wonder - singer song writer - Luke Jackson is guesting with Martyn. He's worth coming to see, a future star I'm sure.

And then May.....

Well Turin Brakes have caused a bit of a stir... Saturday sold out in a blink and there's only 20 tickets left for Friday night if you still want to come. Email me in the usual manner. Full details on the website
Also in May ... Fairport in Margate, Maggie Boyle at Whitstable Folk club, Chris While & Julie Matthews at the Hailsham Pavilion, Hans Theesink and Jeremy Taylor at Faversham Folk Club, Sweeps Festival and I'm sure there's much more, check out Kent Folk website and the Orange Street Music club for details of Twilight Folk's programme.

Bookings are now being taken for the first Kingston Barn gig for what seems like ages!! What was the last one, I've forgotten? Anyway Gigspanner are there on June 13th. It's a Saturday night, its the wonderfully cosy atmospheric Kingston Barn, and we'll have an evening of stunningly beautiful music from sublime fiddler Peter Knight and his two companions who make up the new trio Gigspanner.
Obviously, Steeleye fans and Feast of Fiddle fans who know Peter's unique talents will know just what to expect. Those that don't will be stunned I'm sure.
"What Peter can do with a violin is breathtaking - from the soaring fiddle work that we all know and love, through pizzicato work to being gently strummed, the colour and tonality he can bring from the instrument are remarkable. His partners in crime are no less exciting.Vincent Salzfaas deftly underpins everything with wonderful tuned percussion. Roger Flack’s guitar work is . perfect. There is just no other word for it.
There were times when the players ceased to be a band and became a single entity, totally caught up in the music. It was a magical evening, and I can’t recommend this band highly enough.” Barry Howard: Talkawhile
Saturday 13th June 2009
at the Kingston Barn
Tickets £11
email debs_at_folkinthebarn_dot_co_dot_uk or ring me on 01227 831493 I can talk to you now my voice has returned.
Fibbers falls on Easter Monday so I suggest we postpone it to the following Monday 20th.
Thanks and well done for getting this far. Enjoy the sunshine
See you soon

Debs Earl

07799 790 738
18 Derringstone Downs, Barham
Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QE

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