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Hello Everyone!

Well another week past since the last gig. Doesn't time seem to fly these days!

Talking of flying, I thought that Nicky Moore and the Blues Corporation more than justified the top attendance figures, beating the Spikedrivers into second place, since I have been at the helm of the club. Please note that this situation can be redeemed in April when the Spikedrivers return in April or possibly a new record set by another in between - we shall see!

In the meantime, I must just say that Nicky's label as the "voice" of British blues is so well deserved - ranging from soulful and sonorous through to high penetrating vibrato that would put any rock (or metal) god to shame. This is the food served on a plate of pure accomplishment by his band, The Blues Corporation, comprising Danny Kyle (guitar), Tim Moore (guitar), Pete Shaw (bass) and Wez Johnson (drums). Altogether an amazing band!

Now for March we have something different again and I am trying to introduce the different flavours of this genre into the mix that is the wonderful world of blues. This band could be called real 'feel good' blues, if you like, with the lead instrument of virtuoso lap-steel player, Son Henry, defining a unique sound and combining with the 'in your face' talents of Essex blues maestro Tim Aves. Here's what they say:

"VETERAN Essex frontman TIM AVES is joining forces this spring with awesome US/Scottish blues outfit, THE SON HENRY BAND , to play a string of dates across southern England.

Over the past two years, Aves, award-winning singer, harp player and guitarist with the sadly-missed Essex band THE ROCKIN ARMADILLOS (and before that top r'n'b attraction AUTOMATIC SLIM ) has forged an alliance with American singer, guitarist and lap-steel virtuoso Son Henry and his great Aberdeen-based band.

It was a working relationship forged over a wild weekend in 2007, when the four musicians played five red-hot gigs in the space of two days at the Dundee Blues Bonanza ! Since then, Aves has travelled to Scotland on a number of occasions to work with Henry and his band - bassman Dean Stewart and drummer Kevin Oliphant .

Now, this March, for the first time, English blues fans are to get the chance to experience this potent combination of the talents of three nations at venues across southern England.

The music is blues of the very highest quality - a mixture of original songs by the two frontmen, plus a few well-chosen reinterpretations. Each frontman is a vastly experienced and acclaimed performer in his own right - together with a rhythm section of the highest quality, they promise to pull out all the stops to give punters one hell of a live show!"

Sadly, since the above was written drummer Kevin Oliphant has died, however top shuffler, Paul Lester, has stepped into the breach and the show goes on!

I saw Tim Aves guesting with the Spikedrivers the other night and the man is on FIRE - someone get a bucket!!!

So, not be missed for it's sheer innovation and unrivalled showmanship, to be delivered to you honed to perfection in the final stages of their tour on Tuesday 31st March at the Roffen Suite it is, Tim Aves and the Son Henry Band. Check out their music at

Look forward to seeing you there and bookings to me asap please by email.

Richard Dobney

Bottleneck Blues Club

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