From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]
Sent: 23 January 2009 11:34
Cc: Peter Collins; Mike Nicholson; Geoff Higginbottom; Lynne Heraud; William & Felicia Pint and Dale; Kathy & Bob Drage; Steve Turner

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Hi Folks,
Here is the next five months worth of guests, a nice variety I believe.  Some new faces and some old friends, well some are old and some we have known for a long time, no names, no pack drill!
I don't want to pick anyone out because they are all terrific performers but I am really looking forward to having William and Felicia come to our club for the first time.  To the best of my knowledge they are our first American guests, I have a Canadian/American duo in the pipeline for next year, and I do believe this will be our first step into hurdy-gurdyism!  I have seen them at Dartford, (twice) Fylde Festival and Yarmouth Maritime Festival and I have had the privilege of singing on stage with them when I was with The Shanty Crew when Tom, Chris and I sang "Across the Western Ocean" with them at Dartford.  So I think we shall have a tremendously varied and enjoyable evening for our first guest night of 2009!
So please put the dates in your diary and on the calendar and make that extra effort to come along to support your club.  I have put the web addresses on the poster for the first time and I recommend that you have a look at our guests' websites.
Looking ahead I have Jim Bainbridge booked for October, Tom & Barbara Brown for November and next year I have Norah Rendell & Brian Miller, Canadian/American duo, and LocTup Together.  I am also hoping to have Cloudstreet back for October 2010.
If we are to keep this going in these difficult times we need your support in taking out membership and making that extra effort to support your club.  I believe we are the cheapest club in Kent that has monthly guests, we unquestionably have the cheapest guest nights and I should be able to keep it that way with your support.
See you soon.