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Issue 311 of the market leading roots, world music & folk magazine

Tuesday 17th March: final booking deadline (an email to ads_at_frootsmag_dot_com is best), and target date for receipt of all adverts.

Friday 20th March: drop dead date for late ad delivery by email!

Publication date is 23rd April. Subscribers will start to receive theirs from around 18th April.

* New English Folk From All Directions! One of the things fRoots does best is put the word out about exciting new names from around the world and our cover feature this issue does just that - closer to home this time. It's a focus on some of the extraordinarily good new English folk artists who are now arriving from routes outside the existing folk scene. The issue coincides with a special St George's Day concert in London headlining some of them including Ian King, Nancy Wallace, Mary Epworth, Olivia Chaney and more. Expect lots of attention! Check their MySpaces!

* *  Feedback From Festivals! In spite of these recessionary times, our April Festival issue this year had even more folk, roots and world music events advertising and listed than last year, with a great feeling of buoyancy about the scene. Event organisers have taken the trouble to tell us how recent audience research has shown that of all the mags they advertise in, fRoots is the one which produces best results for ticket sales and event awareness.

* COMING SOON! We have a great celebratory issue published in June: the JULY fRoots will be our 30th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! Every single issue published on time in an unbroken schedule since 1979! So this is good time to book a short series of ads running up to that issue and so get extra discounts. Copy dates at the link below. In addition there will be a special 20% discounted rate in the July issue for those of you kind enough to want to place adverts of a congratulatory nature to mark this achievement of longevity!

*  And . . . surprisingly enough the crunching international money market DOES have good news for you! The fallen Pound means that for non-UK advertisers our advertising and subscription rates are now effectively up to 25% CHEAPER than a year ago! And meanwhile, UK events and exporters will also see their prices much more attractive to overseas readers. Go for it!

for rates & discounts, sizes, technical specs, stats etc.

See for secure subscribing on line.

You may not realise a couple of other important things about fRoots:

* Don't think of fRoots as a purely UK magazine. We take you around the world - 40 percent of our readership is outside the UK. And this worldwide readership - who buy on average more than 50 CDs each a year! - is incredibly internet-wise: you don't need UK or international export distribution in order to sell to them.

* We have maximum 28 percent crossover readership with any other music magazine. With fRoots you really do reach the committed world, roots and folk audience and opinion-formers that no other magazine gets to.

FREE NEWS LISTINGS: We list information on May events in the news section of this issue. We need it by Wednesday 25th March. Send your full press release to news_at_frootsmag_dot_com  If you have hi-res (300ppi) colour JPEGs of artists participating, send them to copy_at_frootsmag_dot_com


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