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Hi everyone!
Well I must start by saying that I hope that you all saw RICHARD THOMPSON last night at the Marlowe...gigs rarely come much better these days, thank you Richard for a very special evening....speaking of "old boys", this mail out is dedicated to the memory of the late great JOHN MARTYN-for a man who was often to be seen as ""looking like he'd been drinking since the dawn of time", he made some very sensitive and beautiful music, living his life how he saw fit, with no time for apology to those he offended-so thanks to you as well John, i just wish I got to see you live when I had the chance.
Ok, on a much brighter note-thank you to all who came to the ROBB JOHNSON bash at Orange street on friday, another great night was had by all! (I hope! if not, do let me know, your feedback makes this all so worthwhile!). First up was PHIL G MARTIN (AKA DROHNE) -i think Phils music is literally beyond easy definition, a mix of strange psychedelic "gothic" folk, churned out via his Hurdy Gurdy, absolutely great stuff. If you want to hear more, he will be playing again at the TIM EDEY gig on feb 18th, or you can track down his CDs via
Next up were RELIG ORAN, a three piece who kicked up an absolute storm, with "African Kalimba, driving percussion, fiddle and bouzouki with the traditional music of England, Ireland and Brittany....." -if you are after a great mix of traditional english folk tunes and original material, get along to Orange Street music club on 11th february, when the band are playing again-see you
And of course, the very knackered ROBB JOHNSON, fresh from a week of hell, but revitalised with kentish ale, took to the stage and poured out a flawless set of politics, humour and SONGS-hes not referred to as "Britain's finest songwriter since Richard Thompson" for nothing- like Mr Thompson, he can turn himself to many musical styles, and within his songs lies both humour and heartbreak...thanks Robb, and next time, bring your band!
Ok, onto upcoming gigs-the programme at the moment looks like this-

FEB-Weds 18TH
“a night of the finest Celtic, acoustic and contemporary folk music and song “

APRIL-Weds 22nd
“ acoustic music that falls loosely into the progressive folk niche….”

May-Monday 4th
“Be transported through time by the medieval sounds of the arch viola, the mandola, the bagpipe, the harp and beautiful voices carrying profound words..”

MAY-Weds 20th
“drawing on Celtic, medieval and English folk and identity.“

JUNE-Weds 24TH 
“delicious, intriguing and evocative music, beautifully played and sung by this talented trio. Recommended to twitchers and lovers of folk music alike'“-

8.00 pm Tel: 01227 760801  £5 entry

For those who have not recieved the blurb about TIM EDEY, here it is again, it will be an amazing night, I hope you can all make it, Tims a very busy boy at the moment gigwise, so try not to miss him!

"Tim Edey is 29 years old and is regarded by many to be one of the finest melodeon+guitar players of his generation in the Celtic music folk scene worldwide.
From Broadstairs in Kent, a coastal town where the sea serves an important role in everyday life and this has influenced Tim's music a lot.
Tim currently plays in a trio with Brendan Power and Lucy Randall, In Scottish superstar band Session A9 and often plays with Kerry Irish music legend Seamus Begley and the equally legendary Manchester Irish duo Michael McGoldrick+Dezi Donnelly and most recently with Ireland's biggest trad act Altan as dep for the guitarist Mark Kelly at a big festival in Budapest.
A mixture of dazzling technical ability, soulful feel, musical charisma and amazing instrumental improvisaton have made Tim a highly in demand session musician both in studio+on stage.
He is a current master of more than ten instruments including; melodoen, accordeon, guitar, banjo, bass, piano, mandolin, whistle, bodhran and bouzouki.
To date Tim has appeared live on the Jools Holland show on the BBC with the Brendan Power trio, toured every country in Europe as melodoen player with German based dance troupe Magic of the dance with world champion dancer Michael Donnellan, has composed a track for Sharon Shannon, Little Bird, which appears on Sharons latest cd ..the Sharon Shannon collection, appears on the new groundbreaking album Wired by Michael McGoldrick, has been resident guitarist on the hugely popular Irish dance show Irish folk ballet company on board Cruising ship m/s Silja Serenade and Silja Europa for two years running in Scandinanvia, has played gigs with; Phil Cuningham, Charlie McKerron, Donald Shaw, Julie Fowlis, John McCusker, Eammon Doorley, Ed Boyd+Flook, Steafan Hannigan, Alan Prosser from The Oyster band, played with the Michael McGoldrick trio and Session A9 whom he is a member of, to more than 15,000 people in galicia+on stage with Donal Lunny+Altan, did a Huge Uk tour with Sharon Shannon and the woodchoppers in the year 2000 including the Royal albert hall with Paul Brady, Hothouse flowers and more, and appears on numerous recordings with:
Michael McGoldrick, Frankie Gavin+Rick Epping, Steve Cooney, Lunasa, the Daily Planet, Frankie Gavin, Seamus Begley, Charlie McKerron+Donald Shaw, BBC Scotland, Kate Purcell, Steafan Hannigan, Su Hart from Baka Beyond, Troy MacGillivray, Breda+Cora Smyth and more.
Tim started playing Irish folk music at the age of four on the piano followed by piano accordion at six and whistle. Encouraged by his parents, grandparents, whistle player Fred Ayling with whom Tim and his Dad had a trio when Tim was twelve years old called "Spatter the dew" playing a residency at Salmestone grange in Margate and many other gigs.
Next Tim at fourteen met Dublin born singer+musician Enda Mccabe, and the fiddle+banjo player Rob McGoerge from Kent and it was with these two musicians and often fiddle players Saskia Tomkins and Ramona Egle with whom Tim was a member of the popular Kent band Camine with Andy Renshaw+Zinta Egle. Tim played four nights a week with all over Kent+France at the age of fourteen!. his Mum is from Dublin and very much into the Irish music of her native land and his dad is a fine guitarist+singer that plays lots to this day.
Later on at around fifteen Tim played gigs locally alot in his teens, and also learned lots of music both Greek and Irish, from musicians and great friends Dimitri Michiladis and Jim O'Shea+Pete May in which he played in two gigging groups Neptune's craic and Tim+Dimitri, all these musicians helped and encouraged Tim with his music and especially on the guitar.
Tim has been influenced by his favourite accordeon/melodoen players Sharon Shannon, Luke Daniels and Seamus Begley since the age of twelve and guitarist and musical genius Steve Cooney from Melbourne has influenced Tim's guitar playing to no end since meeting Steve on Easter friday 1995 in London when Steve played with Seamus Begley at the Swan in Stockwell. These three Irish music legends it is safe to say have been Tim's biggest inspiration as well as his parents and Django Reinhart and De Dannan founder Frankie Gavin.
Tim was also brought up listening in his parents kitchen and on family boating holidays, to the legendary French jazz musicians Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli who are still regarded as the best Jazz guitar and violin players of all time. Tim loves improvising and has often been described as an Irish jazzer! "

Other news-from Whitstable Folk Club-
A bit of disappointing news - Roy Bailey has had to cancel due to ill
health. However, the good news is Alan Prosser (Oyster Band) is coming
instead ! I think everyone enjoyed his gig at the club last year - this
time he is bringing a fiddle player, Adrian Hackford, so it should be a
good night. Hope you can make it. Obviously if you have bought a ticket for
Roy and no longer wish to come we will give you a refund.
Ok, thats it for now! Thanks for all your support, all the best,


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