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Hi Everyone

Just a quick extra update for you mainly to let you know that the Whitstable Playhouse box office is now open for bookings for the Martyn Joseph concert on 25th April.
Bit of MJ blurb, for the uninitiated.....
Martyn Joseph is a performer like no other. Shades of Springsteen, Knopfler and Dave Matthews there may be - but he stands in his own right, built on a reputation for giving what thousands have described as the best live music experience of their lives..
Always charming, sometimes alarming, Martyn Joseph is a unique songwriter who digs deep and delivers an ultimate, life-affirming message. One of the most unusual and compelling performers you are likely to encounter.
Thatís what Ďtheyí say. I agree with 'they' and more. Donít hesitate to go see him. He sold out the ISC last time he came back in 2005. People will be travelling across oceans and countries for this gig if last time is anything to go by. Tickets £15 / £14 concs 01227 272042
Next.. DONíT PANIC ! Who said that? was it Arthur Dent or Marvin the Robot I forget, anyway Donít Panic if youíve sent a cheque and not got your tickets back yet. They are on their way. Iíve been fiddling around with bank accounts Folk in the Barn now has itís own account so it wonít matter if cheques are made to FiTB or me. Iíve been sitting on the pile of cheques (not literally) while Iíve been waiting. It will all be sorted very soon and you should get your tickets in the next day or two.
Couple of other things....

"DOUG HUDSON STANDS UP BROOK THEATRE, CHATHAM 26th February 2009 Not many people turn up to Heathrow for a flight to India and end up having to share a bed with the pilot and a restaurateur in Delhi. Trying to call a barn dance in deepest Russia to a brigade of the Red Army and an array of ball-gowned beauties may or may not be harder than being the PA announcer for Gillingham, but Doug Hudson has the answers in his One Man Show at the Brook Theatre in Chatham on Thursday 26th February. And why does Colonel Gaddafi never get promoted?"
Go along and be cheered up. Dougie - many of you know from the 'Hot Rats' and various other ensembles - is a very funny man, not to mention charming and good looking (is that enough plugging Doug?? ) Yes he reads this too! Pay me later Doug ;o)

"Music Month 2009 6-28th March _at_ Quarterhouse, Folkestone Quarterhouse, Folkestoneís new arts and entertainment venue, will be serving up a diverse mix of music every Friday and Saturday night throughout March, including fabulous Cornish funked-up folk trio 3 Daft Monkeys. info_at_monthofmusic_dot_co_dot_uk or call 01303 842 192"
I've had a look around Quarterhouse and it looks great. It wasn't quite finished when I saw it a couple of months ago, but it should be any moment now and worth checking out just to see the spectacular bar / dining area if nothing else. I'm hoping that this might prove to be another Folk in the Barn venue at some point.

And this from Nigel and Jenxy ..".Fairport are playing at a Small venue called the West Coast in Margate on May 2nd. I think this is a pre tour warm up gig.. It is a Small venue so be quick! "
Just a thought - if you are tempted to attend any of the other events listed here, maybe you could mention where you read about it - It all helps to spread the word, and to find out if it's worth advertising them this way.

Still some Megson tickets left - no idea why!!! This duo is simply amazing and I've also heard on the grapevine that Jenna has come on in leaps and bounds since her last visit. Don't ever be put off if you want to come along on your own - there are many that do and you'll always find someone friendly to talk to - even if it's just me! In fact I'm thinking of starting a folky dating agency - any call for that?
One other question - who knows of Dougie Mclean? - the Scottish contingent will of course, as he is legendary north of the border. I'm just wondering how many others would welcome the chance to see him. I have a tentative agreement for next year. Let me know what you think please. (He wrote 'Caledonia' if that helps)
One more (last one I promise) - Gerry Colvin fans will be able to see him doing a rare solo performance at the Rochester Sweeps Festival on 3rd May - more details next time.
Yes yes - "quick update" - got a bit stretched again.
I'll try harder next time.



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