br>Subject: 2009-01-21 - Longstone-Camine in the Evenhill, Littlebourne - 20th Feb. 2009

        Longstone-Camine in the Evenhill,

            Littlebourne , CT3 1TA.


                                8.30, Friday 20th Feb. 2009


We have had some good music in the Evenhill Littlebourne, but it has been a long while since Clair Hobbs was there.


But now that the Evenhill is becoming the centre of the village life, under landlord Fred Perry
it is again dipping a cautious toe into the waters of live music, as part of Paddy's week.

For an evening of reels, gigs, and songs both spooky and senuous .....




Chris Taylor  (guitar, bouzouki, accordion, harmonica ...)
Ramona Egle (fiddle, whistle - sometimes celtic harp, vocals)

Zinta Egle (guitar, vocals)


These twin sisters sing with exquisite harmony....


Photo © Dylan Woolf