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Dear Friends

After a long and quiet absence we would like to give a big hello and apologies for our hibernation and depriving you of your folk hit. It has been a productive last few months for the Magpie’s Nest team and we have taken the long dark nights to ponder over how the future will look finally re-emerging with a Nest laden with three fine Eggs and a horizon speckled with new music, new nights and new venues.

When the club started 3 years ago, we had no idea the responsibility we were taking on in not only making folk cool but bringing cool people to folk.  We like to think that one hell of a scene has emerged in London and we may have played a small part in making that happen. But as the face of this scene changes and ideas and interests develop we would like to now share with you our vision and hope that you can support us and the music that seems intent on flourishing. Remember Live Music needs a Live Audience!

The Magpie’s Nest has changed! It is now the umbrella under which we introduce to you our three new offspring nights; TWO FOR JOY,  FOLKLAHOMA  and the CUCKOO’S NEST Sessions. These are the names under which all future music nights, concerts, showcases, festival stages, festivals? Will continue.
These ‘children of’ will work as thus….. Administered by Joe Buirski and housed at Stoke Newington International Airport plus the Old Queen's Head we introduce TWO FOR JOY, details below. Administered by Sam Lee through the English Folk Dance and Song Society at Cecil Sharp House, the OQH and other venues we introduce FOLKLAHOMA. Lastly, The Cuckoo’s Nest bi-monthly sessions for instrumentalists. To find out what each names sounds, looks and feels like you will have to come and see. Still predominantly the last Wednesdays of the month.

These new enterprises seek to showcase this ever shape-shifting genre and bring aspects of the music to you that the MN could only hint at. Call it re-branding, we call it the new brood.

All nights will be listed through the Magpie’s Nest website or click on the logos to view facebook groups and more info.

Thank you for reading and see you out and about soon.





Two For Joy FaceBook Group

Folklahoma Facebook Group
Cuckoos Nest session Facebook Group


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