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Subject: 2009-01-26_02 From "Music Box" at gigs in pubs and Music Ride ?

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Subject: Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ?

Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ?
My graph shows how live music is dying in Kent and East Sussex :
I and others are floating the idea that there should be a donation box in support of the live music in the pub.
No obligation to put anything in, but if you are there for the music, ask yourself what you would be spending on entrance fee and drinks at a folk club.
Don't put less in if you don't like the music - put MORE in and a note saying what music you would like ! Use a sealed envelope if you prefer.
The licensing laws may change to exempt small venues, and that may rescue live music in the long-run, but it wont happen in time if my graph is to be believed - we have to do everything we can to help preserve the music and those publicans brave (crazy ?) enough to put on live music.
A donation box where the money goes to fund more live-music gigs in the pub may be the answer, see the discussion page on KentFolk News :
Keeping Live Music Alive
Your opinions (say if private or for publication) to :
Dr. Beau Webber

[Music-Ride] - find and offer lifts to music events, in Kent and East Sussex, UK.

Phil Martin has just made a really important suggestion - that we set up a scheme to share lifts to music gigs.

Now I really believe that if we use the best of web email and mobile phone texting, such a scheme is a real possibility, and could need a minimum of human intervention to keep it running.

I am trying to establish what sort of base there is in favour of such an idea, and then to use these numbers to go chase a small amount of funding to put such a scheme into operation. I am provisionally calling the scheme [Music-Ride] - say if you have a better name..

Please go read the page ,
and then if you think you would use it, send an email as described,
and sign the petition at .
The aim of the latter is to get authenticated figures of those interested, for applying for funding.

Initially the intention is that the scheme would cover Kent and East Sussex, but could of course grow later.
It could be of great assistance as a way for those with no transport, or the disabled, to get to gigs in the country or nearby towns.

Your comments on these proposals are appreciated.
Dr. Beau Webber

Please pass this on if you think the ideas have some merit.....

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