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Be amongst the first to secure the summer smile!

Secure in the knowledge that you have your tickets you'll find a smile creeping across your face as you start dreaming of those perfect summer days at Towersey.  Music drifts across the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside as you sit with friends, a drink in hand and take in the colour and magic that is Towersey Village Festival.

So make the best investment of 2009 and buy you tickets now

Affordable, Accessible, Educational and Great Fun

Towersey is the perfect holiday for the current climate (economic rather than weather!).  An affordable family holiday that is not only cheaper than going abroad but is easy, accessible, educational and is very likely to make your summer.  At Towersey you can be sitting with your feet up or dancing 'til you drop, you can be meeting old and new friends, preparing for 5 days of unique festival community, music and good company and all within minutes of arriving.

Don't be the one that misses Towersey - "It keeps you going all year"

buy tickets now

"Magical Towersey - another lovelier world for a few days"

Don’t be the one that missed the 45th Towersey Village Festival, you’ll have nothing to talk about next Christmas.

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