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Wotson - News - Bandquest 2009

We are offering a bonus prize and assisting our friends looking for Kent and South East London bands. 
Incorporating Metal To The Masses (Battle for Bloodstock)

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Unified Sounds Presents


Band Quest 2009 in association with Whatever Next Records


Unified Sounds presents the most innovative music stimulus package to be presented- ever! Bigger, better and more rewarding for everyone involved. More bands, more venues, more rewards and full lighting rig with brand new higher-spec sound system.


Band Quest returns with the most invigorating live performance platform the local scene has ever witnessed! This coincides with the launch of Unified Sounds and its new website, currently being developed at (for more info).


What’s it all about then?

  • Quadruple Battle of The Bands-esque competition UP TO 120 PRIZES, WORTH OVER £10K, 4 Finals with at least EVERY finalist winning a prize.




We’re looking for 108 bands to take part in the Quest to push the leading local bands on to a national level, where they’ll stand to win a share in £10,000 worth of prizes including £1000 cash, slots at Bexley and Bloodstock Festivals and a 1000 CD replication deal. We’re trying to amass 120 prizes so that each and every band walks away rewarded for taking part. With the Quest running across 3 regions and 4 venues these events will be the most highly focused in terms of promotion and coverage anywhere within these regions from February to May. Join the Quest to help Unified Sounds find the greatest bands in the local scene and attempt to elevate them far beyond any current expectation.


With a team willing once again to give you their all and support unseen within the local area that the platform is being run, you’ll clearly be given a massive leg-up. This platform is delivered with absolute focus from people that all care about music and the direction that it can take peoples lives.


The platform consists of (but not limited to) the following:

a)      A competition designed to bring out the best in every band in every sense across ALL genres. 36 Heats, Various Semi-Finals and 4 Finals! Heats will e £2.50 entry based on either adv tix, flyers and students, 50p per entry cheaper than last year for punters.

b)      A triple CD Compilation received by industry and highlighted throughout media and professionally constructed to deliver maximum coverage featuring up to 60 acts.

c)      A printed programme designed to cover every element of the local music scene for all those involved and give visual presence and distributed everywhere.

d)      An offer of increased rewards for ALL musicians, including reduced studio costs, a FREE loyalty card in itself offering freebies and free drinks, 15% off _at_ Dingo Jacks music Store, 10% off at elephant music, 5 session for £100 _at_ Jigga Jam, and many many more.


Supports of this project already include: Bloodstock Metal Festival, Bexley Festival, R.E.M., Dingo Jacks, Elephant Music, Media Sourcing, Jigga Jam Studios, Banana Road Studios, Orange n Blue Studios, Dartford Borough Council, The Drayman, Red Lion, OHM Bar, Roadrunners Records UK, oRenet Services, Whatevernext Records, Celeb Time Promotions, Seventh Sun, Holloweb Design, Defzone, Roadrunner, Darkstore, Whatever Next Records, Strange Loop Studios, Earache Records, Kerrang, Marshall Amps,,

We have literally hundreds of avenues still to explore and your recommendations too!


To make this a total success we will be working with various media and creating support at every level. We feel that it was important that the entire experience was worth taking part in.

A selection of prizes already committed are as follows:


#          Type of Prize                             Prizes               Value.£.     

1            Rehearsal Time                                    8                      £200.00

2            Rehearsal Time                                    8                      £200.00

3            Vouchers +15% disc                 4                      £200.00

4          Studio Days                            4                      £600.00

5          Web Design                          3                      £600.00

6          2 Slots at Bloodstock                2                     £2400.00

7          2 Bex Fest Slots                                  2                      £-  

8            Rehearsal Time                                    1                      £100.00

9            Engineer Free for the Night    1                      £100.00

10            Rehearsal Time                                    1                      £100.00

11         £100 Voucher for CD Run            1                      £100.00

12            Replication                                1                      £800.00

13         Studio Day                              1                      £220.00

14         DVD's n Goodies                      1                      £300.00

15         Cash                                         1                      £150.00

16         Cash                                         1                      £150.00

17         Stall Voucher                                   1                      £150.00

18         Cash                                         1                      £200.00

19         CD Pack of albums             1                      £300.00

20         Cash                                         1                     £1000.00

21         Tattoo Voucher                                   1                      £100.00

22         Studio Day                              1                      £100.00

23            Earache                                              1                      £300.00

24             Kerrang Subscription                1                      £150.00

25         Reading Festival             1                      £165.00

26            Bloodstock Ticket                     1                      £100.00

27            Terrorizor Subscription x4         1                      £200.00

Total prizes to date                             51                   £9000.00


Last year at this time we had £5000 worth of prizes and this year we still have 3 weeks until the first event and have £9000 worth already!


So how do you get involved?

First things first, all band members need to be over 16 and with I.D. Secondly all bands must be willing to work on the basis provided as the format needs to be consistent and continuity must be kept throughout. It’s important that to make this the success it can be to consider this as a start to the future of Band Presentation Platforms from Unified Sounds, with plans for 2010 already being discussed!


If you feel your band is ready for the challenge of getting noticed in 2009 then look at the section below.


How to enter your band:

  1. If you are ready, complete this form with all details:
  2. Check the schedule to see if you can make a date in the area deemed closest for your band, including the Semi-Finals/Ranking Days and the Finals.
  3. We request a deposit, fully returnable, of £10 for each member of your act (e.g., £10 for a soloist, £50 for a five piece band). We’re asking a deposit from each member as opposed to per act to encourage more duos and soloists to enter. We felt this was the simplest and fairest way of doing that. The deposit will be refunded after 31st May, if Terms (below) have been adhered to.


Further details


The deposit is a safeguard to make the platform run smoothly and to ensure bands don’t misrepresent the platform. So, the terms on which the deposit is repayable.


a.      That the band does
not pull out of the competition at any stage.
b.      That the band or
any members of that band do not bring the project and organisers and any party linked to the project into disrepute. No
negative campaigns or inflammatory comments neither about the project nor
to any entity and not limited to the businesses, bands and individuals
involved shall be made by the band nor any other member of
c.      That no equipment
or property belonging to the neither venues nor organisers shall be damaged or stolen during the course of the
d.      The band agrees
not to play a gig locally one week either side of the heat date they have
e.      Should the band
proceed with a track on the CD, a £5 deduction will be taken from the
deposit per member as security for the track being placed on the CD. With a
small per track fee of between £1-£20 for the track position*
(per band) *Free if you record at
Jigga Jam on the £99 per day deal.
Payments should
either and preferably be sent via (link is on the entry form and
should be addressed to contact_at_unifiedsounds_dot_co_dot_uk) or given in cash to one
of the Staff at Unified Sounds Events (Formerly The Rock Matrix


To find out more and for the full programme of activity including terms and conditions contact Unified Sounds at 0208 301 1532. or go live _at_ unifiedsounds_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk for all the information about the platform. A new email account of contact_at_unifiedsounds_dot_co_dot_uk will be in action shortly for all related correspondence.


If we’re all in this together then it’s about ‘U.S.’ (Unified Sounds)



Metal- Every Monday from 02/02/09 _at_ The Drayman for 9 Weeks (Final Sunday 31st May)

Alt- Every Tuesday from 03/02/09 _at_ Acacia Hall for 9 Weeks (3 Finals, May Bank Hols)

Alt- Every Friday from 06/02/09 _at_ Red Lion for 9 Weeks, (3 Finals, May Bank Hols)

Alt- Every Sunday from 08/02/09 _at_ OHM Bar for 9 Weeks, (3 Finals, May Bank Hols)

Collective – Every Thursday _at_ The Drayman always! FREE ENTRY for platform users.


We are looking for more of the following people to join the platform:

  • Judges
  • Photographers
  • Reviewers
  • Social Networking Admin’s
  • Flyer distributors
  • Contributors

 All bands/Genres welcome from any area of South East


Minimum age for entry 16- I.D. required for some venues. (OHM Bar, Bexleyheath- over 18s only)


Successes of Darbex Band Quest 2008 campaign

ü       Raised £1250 for cancer research

ü       6 bands represented, proposed or positioned on bill _at_ Bloodstock

ü       6 bands represented, proposed or positioned on bill _at_ Bexley Festival Main Stage

ü       2 Finals with 1100 in attendance between them

ü       £7800 of prizes eventually granted

ü       2000 units (Sold Out) of the Scratch the Surface promoted and position throughout the scene and industry

ü       Local promotional booklet (Alta-Scope) Launched

ü       Several radio interviews granted to bands and Rock Matrix

ü       41 acts appearing on The 2 compilation CD’s mastered at Jigga Jam Studios

Over 10,000 people attending events during the Feb-June period 2008

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 NOISE LIMITERS - Urgent Petition

It has been brought to our attention that new noise ligislation is about to be introduced, that is likely to dramatically impact live music in the UK. Noise limiters have been around for many years. In all cases except acoustic music this has resulted in the cessation or severe restriction of live music.
As an example -
The sound pressure at a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra concert can be more than some rock bands and is enough to turn the electricity off. How are their electronic devices going to cope. By cheating like everyone else? The regulation of these limiters will come under the control of local councils who are stretched enough trying to manage the governments draconian laws brought into place to destroy the pub and leisure industry.

Enough is enough.
There are enough musicians and music lovers to remove this government from their power. Pity we can't do it by clapping loud enough to cut them off.

Please sign the petition!
The government wish to consider it a legal requirement in the new tax year to introduce laws insisting anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment license must have a noise control device fitted to the venue. This will be the final NAIL for ALL entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices CUT you off is dreadfully low and damaging to musicians equipment.



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