From: michael wheeler [boxsmwrc_at_btinternet_dot_com]
Sent: 01 February 2009 18:12
Subject: Music in Pubs
Hi Beau, heres a contribution. A few years ago I organised a number of days on sundays and bank holidays at the "Shipwrights Arms" at Hollow Shore Faversham. These events were organised between myself and the Landlord on the basis that I was paid 20% of the takings. On that basis some of the responsibility fell on me to get people to the event. The harder I worked the more people turned up and the more I received. On the other hand if I had not put any effort into the events I am sure I would have received little or nothing. As it was I did ok. So try and get bands to work for partnership percentages. That way the pub will not risk a great deal in fees and you might see a bit more of what we all like.
Mike Wheeler.