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Hi Beau, Shelagh forwarded me your E. Mail. I think I sent you some of my rantings, however heres what I said to Shelagh as she goes to lots of session in theis area. Last thursday night at the Bear, Ruth and I organised a Burns night with Haggis Neepes and Tattys and a bit of theatre amongst the music, and the pub was packed. The landlord donated a bottle of whisky that got passed round, and I think most people had a good time. If people want pubs to survive in any traditional form they not only have to pay for it, they have to work at it as well. Best Wishes Mike (Wheeler)
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Shelagh, the answer is all about the amount of money that goes over the bar. As far as getting money for gigging in pubs, it seems to me that musicians do not understand that any fee they might get must come out of the profit on the beer/bar take on the evening of the gig. As far as sessions are concerned there also seems to be a lack of understanding about how the community in a pub works. I believe that it is vital to include the non musicians in the overall evening to get them coming regularly and get money over the bar. Anybody who thinks that music played in any style is some wonderful contribution to keeping pubs open ought to think again. Its not enough to just turn up and play, its vital that the public are drawn into the evening even if it just means that the musicians take the time and trouble to chat with the regulars in the bar, and where possible encourage thier friends to come to the session. Without this approach there is a risk that regulars do not turn up, some of the musicians do not spend any money and the pub take declines for the evening, and at some point the landlord takes the view that the session might be keeping some of his regulars out of the pub, and then its goodbye session. Personally I would like to see all musicians who attend sessions anywhere, to pay £5.00 for a voucher and get this back of thier drinks / crisps etc for the evening, its no good buying a small coke or a bottle of water and think thats okay because its the best way to get sessions chucked out of pubs and also to get pubs closed.
End of ranting, however I think theres something to think about in these thoughts. Last thursday cost me £35.00 and took Ruth and I about 12 hours to set it up. We were very happy with the result, lots of people had some fun and hopefully more evenings from time to time like that will keep people coming to the Bear on our session nights. Best Wishes Mike