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Subject: RE: Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ? Hello Beau
Actualy I am not "having" to do gigs for nothing. Where I am playing support spots the main act is being paid, I have just offered my services as a way of reaching an audience that may choose to purchase cds. During the winter months I don't have too many paid gigs so can get very rusty, also unpaid gigs give me an opportunity to run-in new material. I have always been a great believer in the support slot for a variety of reasons...... 1. As an audience member it gives me better value in getting 2 acts for the price of one, one good example of this was the recent Oyster Band concert where, although the Oysters were good, the star of the show for me was Chris Wood. I have seen many acts in support slots who later go on to bigger things eg; one of my first ever paid gigs was in 1968 where I was supporting Fleetwood Mac, although I am still languishing in obscurity the other support act isn't, it was Fairport Convention. 2. As an artist playing support gives me the opportunity to reach someone else's ready-made audience and hopefully increase my following. 3. Set length. Many new acts do not have 90 minutes of material. a support slot gives new acts a chance to get live experience with a 30 minute set. Also I think that only the really serious top-line acts can hold an audience for 90+ minutes. Anyway back to the networking idea. If you know of anyone in North Thanet who wants to get to more gigs or sessions let me know. Also many of the events I go to are in Canterbury and Faversham area so I could give lifts if I am passing. I am sure if the Kent folk and acoustic community close ranks and work together we could ride-out the storm. In fact if we got organised and came up with a name for it we could possibly get media attention eg Simon Evans. Philip G Martin aka Drohne

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Hi Phil,
thanks for the thouhts
Lifts :
A very important point - not at all sure how to make it work - I think it needs to be web based, with a system where perhaps the 1st 4 letters of the post code were used (initially) to advertise for lifts (can't publicise the full address !) Needs someone to code it (fairly simple, but I do not have the time) and then it might run itself. Gigs:
This is even worse than I thought - I suspected people were doing gigs for nothing or for the travel money, but that a front-rank player lilke yourself was having to do it .... All I can say is that Viv and I hope to get to your Orange Street gig - it has been in the dairy for a while. Keep well,

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Subject: Re: Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ?

Hello Beau
You are doing a great job but you have missed one contributiong factor to the decline in people going to live gigs, drinking and driving. Like many people I like a drink with my music but after 1 pint I get jumpy. I would dearly love to go to the Tilmanstone session and chill-out by playing music and drinking 3 pints of Bishops Finger; however, this would be bloody stupid; result, the landlord only sells 1 pint to a customer who would like 3. Solution?..Well I think a lot of like-minded people need to get into some serious networking so that transport can be shared. I got this idea back in September when I played the Barge in Gillingham. Every Monday music night 4 lads come over from Essex and take turns driving and as a result the landlord stands to sell at least 8 drinks which could put well over £30 in his till and the lads only have one set of traveling expenses. It only takes a few more customers in the pub doing this and the landlord will have no trouble paying a band and generaly seeing the value of live music. I am very much on a limb out in Westgate and don't know of any like-minded people near me that would want to go to gigs but I am looking. As for the smoking ban, I think this is a red herring. Prior to the ban I had virtualy stopped going to things in pubs because the secondary smoking frequently made me ill. I know of nobody in musical circles [fans or musicians] who have stopped going to pubs because of the ban. On the subject of red herrings, I have my suspicions that the credit crunch is also being used as an excuse. True a lot of people are getting jumpy and I for one have had gigs cancelled. In fact there are a lot less paid gigs around and my cd sales have being hit badly because both of my distributors have ceased trading. Anyway on a positive note here are some dates for your diary... Thursday 27th January.....The Standard Inn, Rye...Drohne solo support to Kim Thomsett. Saturday 29th January......Orange Street Music Club..Drohne sharing bill with Robb Johnnson and Relig Oran. Saturday 14th Feb...........Horsebridge Arts Centre...Drohne supporting Alan Clayson. This may look like a healthy date sheet but it must be pointed-out that I am doing all of these gigs for free in the hope I can sell a few cds. With my distributors down gigs are the only sales opportunities. Anyway I hope I haven't bored you too much with my thoughts. I do think that if Kent's live acoustic music community work together the scene could be saved. Phil

Philip G Martin aka Drohne
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From: Dr. Beau Webber Subject: Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ? Date: Saturday, 24 January, 2009, 9:58 AM

Further thoughts ......

Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ?
My graph shows how live music is dying in Kent and East Sussex :
I and others are floating the idea that there should be a donation box in support of the live music in the pub.
No obligation to put anything in, but if you are there for the music, ask yourself what you would be spending on entrance fee and drinks at a folk club. Don't put less in if you don't like the music - put MORE in and a note saying what music you would like ! Use a sealed envelope if you prefer.
The licensing laws may change to exempt small venues, and that may rescue live music in the long-run, but it wont happen in time if my graph is to be believed - we have to do everything we can to help preserve the music and those publicans brave (crazy ?) enough to put on live music.
A donation box where the money goes to fund more live-music gigs in the pub may be the answer, see the discussion page on KentFolk News :
Keeping Live Music Alive

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