From: Paul [paul_at_banjolin_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 24 January 2009 17:02
Subject: Re: Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ?
Hi Beau,


Your graph is certainly depressing.

Not sure if donation boxes are a good thing. Who administers them, doles out the money, sorts out multiple sessions etc? Probably easier in venues where only one activity takes place, or there is a different jar for each group (?).
Not sure if I agree with the 'notes in the box' idea either. Session Musicians gather to play their music and gather listeners. It isn't a gig because they don't pay, and the musicians play primarily for their own enjoyment. Can't have punters (not even audience) dictating the sort of music.
Certainly agree in keeping live music alive - as you know.

All the best