From: NICK BOWDON [nickbowdon_at_btinternet_dot_com]
Sent: 24 January 2009 11:52
Subject: Re: Would you be in favour of a "Music Box" at gigs in pubs ? Hi Beau,

I dont think the music box idea would work. A few enthusiasts might put money in a box, but it would not be enough to make a difference. If the management are any good, they should be speaking to their customers anyway. There would be the question of are we paying the pub or the band? Is the pub paying the band? etc etc . The band would rather "pass the hat" if the audience like the music so much!
Shelagh forwarded your "how to get more music in pubs" to me, and I think that sums up the problem - live music is seldom profitable for the pubs. Some landlords have the enthusiasm and ability to make it pay, but most dont.
From my observations it often goes something like this -
1: New landlord - lets have some live music, that will get the punters in! 2: Live music put on. Landlord pays bands, but not many extra customers. Music stops 3: Pub struggles on.....
4: Pub in trouble - lets have some live music again, may be that will work? 5: Pub closes.

I am afrain that the situation will get worse with the economic downturn. As per our previous correspondence I do not believe is due to the Licensing Act, but changes in social habits. Pubs are in decline.
To end on a brighter note Nick & Micks session is at th 3 Mariners on Tuesday 27 Jan. If all goes well I will confirm this as the regular monthly venue. KM What's On is STILL listing it at the Kings Head, despite 3 emails since November to stop it. I tried phoning them yesterday, but failed to locate a suitable human being in their organisation! I will try again.