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Sent: 18 January 2009 12:13
Subject: Re: News and gigs slot on KentFolk

Hi Beau,
Maybe everyone knows the reason for decline. Or think they know. Did you publish apart from on Kent Folk?

From my own knowledge bank.
The reason for decline is the lack of interest in live music (too much music available, easier and cheaper to access / overload / Spice Girls ha ha) combined with the cost of drink in pubs. Everyone becoming computer/TV/ ipod /hermits/ like the kids that used to go out and play run and walk and participate in live sport and live recreation. Now they think they communicate by text. What happenned to youth clubs? Natural change or not.
History keeps repeating itself as fashions etc. Change
TV killed
Interest in Old Time Dancing
Listening to radio plays
Activities like people talking to each other, visiting each other or going for regular walks until the video recorder was invented and now even handier hard drive sky plus devices.
Supermarkets killed
Milk and bread deliveries
Corner shops
Central town food shopping
Little petrol stations

Is there a graph of pub beer prices, or opposite, a graph of reducing alcahol prices in supermarkets.
Thanks for your continued help bringing us to the notice of the folkies.