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8PM  £5 admission

Special double ticket available for £7.50, gains you entry to THE OWL SERVICE, and the SHARRON KRAUS gig on Oct 24th.
Tel: 01227 760801

The Owl Service was formed by Steven Collins in 2006 as a vehicle to explore his love of British films and television of the 1960s and 70s, the great outdoors and the sound of the English folk revival. The band fuse traditional British folk ballads with elements of psychedelic rock and recall the great acid-folk bands of the late '60s/early '70s but never once sound contrived or overtly retro. Nobody has approached traditional folk quite like this for over 30 years. They signed to Southern Records at the end of 2007 and their debut album A Garland of Song, an eclectic selection of traditional material interspersed with mostly instrumental originals, was released on June 30th 2008. An EP recorded with Alison O'Donnell (formerly Alison Williams of legendary Irish '70s prog/folk band Mellow Candle) entitled The Fabric of Folk will be released by Static Caravan in September 2008. The follow up to Garland... is underway with the working title The Pattern Beneath the Plough and is set for a Summer 2009 release

Music Week review
The folk revival continues apace with this debut album from Steven Collins and his cohorts.
A Garland Of Song is an unashamedly retro affair which sets out to recreate the atmosphere of the late Sixties acid folk scene and succeeds admirably. This is, of course, a great folk tradition; the scene always looks over its shoulder to a more innocent pastoral time, all the while adding touches of the modern age.
With The Owl Service it is in the nature of the recording, mostly self produced and recorded at home, that wins out. This set features a swathe of atmospheric touches that prevent the album from becoming an exercise in fakery.
The standards and murder ballads presented here are all lovingly arranged and beautifully sung by Collins and guests, and these are matched by the original instrumentals that pepper the album.
The Owl Service will be a highlight at this year's Green Man festival as they have tempted Alison O'Donnell from Mellow Candle out of the woodwork to perform with them, another dream come true for Collins no doubt.
A Garland Of Song is obviously a labour of love and is beautifully crafted and realised, and fans of Espers or The Memory Band are sure to adore it. But next time it would be good to see Collins stretch his production techniques further and use his obvious talents to look forwards as well as back.  Owen Lawrence

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