From: Sue Rule [pigsear_at_mac_dot_com]
Sent: 21 August 2008 11:57
Subject: Pigs Ear Bulletin: New session venue
You are all welcome to come along to support the first Sunday evening session at The Wheatsheaf, Marsh Green, Edenbridge, this Sunday 24th August, from 8.30 pm.

We hope this will be a regular gathering on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Ron the Accordian is your host, and Grant and Sue of Pig's Ear will be there, together with Round House Folk. Do join us to play, sing, recite, join in the choruses, or just listen politely and drink Neil's beer.

..and don't forget.....

Salted! at the Kentish Horse, Markbeech, Edenbridge, Saturday 20th September 8.30 pm. Pig's Ear in concert, performing songs from our third album.

cheers for now,


Pig's Ear
Grant, Sue, Keith and Lyndsey Rule
Cracklin' good folk.

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